Write SEO Articles

SEO is a technique to publish the articles for the high ranking and more readers SEO articles need good skills to writing articles and more interesting to read the easy seo article should be write informative on the topic present new angle a good looking with the useful information or value able good article will attract more page rang and traffic for your website and increase more advertiser bit on your article or webpage for advertisements.

Write SEO Articles

Write SEO Articles

For writing seo articles you have an idea for keyword how to get key word idea first click on Google Keyword Planner tools and put your keyword and search the keyword ranking and then write seo articles on the keyword in the below video tutorial full explanation with the practical training how to search keyword.

 How to write SEO Articles?

Get your keyword by Google searches you need to know which keyword are people is searching and make sure Google task notice check your competitor and make yourself to keep tracking on your keyword with the competitor. Use the good tools to rank your keyword in the world keep your keyword density 2-3% use your key work on the title and one time in the page title. Use your keyword in the page description add in the start article H1 within using keyword tag H1 tag have the smallest number of words use to your keyword in the write seo articles bold text tags + some other word bold text.

For the write seo articles use keyword + article italic text and make sure the number of word in one article more than 550 word for more details in the below video tutorial with the tools to write seo article.

The one is most important secrets is increase your page rank by the using your keyword create a back links for your topic comment on blogs and link back to your site send your articles to social media links submit to Google for indexing install shopaholic button . If your website or blog using a word press and blog plate from then install plugins and widget to increase your page ranking in the Google searches.

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