What are Google Algorithms and how they affect your website ranking?

In order to understand how to rank better on search engine result pages, you must figure out how Google works and how it provides results for the keyword or phrase you are looking for. Namely, Google has its own algorithms used to deliver precise search results. Google algorithms are constantly updated and improved and the public doesn’t know how they really work. Every few months Google updates its algorithms and these changes may affect the ranking of any website. Google algorithms are very complex and it takes time to learn how they work.

google algorithm for seo

The majority of website owners and internet marketers are well-aware of the importance of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. More than 70% of the traffic on websites comes from Google. So, keeping high ranking on Google is vital for the growth and success of any online presentation.

In the past few years, Google has promoted some revolutionary technologies and tools that helped reputable businesses promote their products and services with the help of SEO and help users by providing effective solutions to their problems relevant to their search queries.

As previously mentioned, every year Google introduces more than a dozen of algorithm updates. Some of these Google algorithms updates are major while others are minor, but they all affect thousands of websites. The reason why these Google algorithms are updated is simple – Google wants to provide improved search quality. This is something that is beneficial for both businesses/website owners and Internet users.

These updates are aiming different website elements. For instance, some of these updates are focused on the content of the website. As you know, Google doesn’t tolerate copied content. They support the websites that create relevant, fresh and unique content. Google algorithms are especially fond of websites that use relevant keywords in a natural way. Sometimes their updates are focused on local searches, backlinks, social signals and other elements that determine the relevance of some website.

Every major Google algorithm update has significant impact on the ranking of millions of websites in different niches. In the past, Google tried to rank a website depending on its quality compared to other websites in the same niche. The one with better and more relevant content was ranked higher. Today, the situation is different and Google algorithms use many different parameters to determine the quality of some website. Of course, website owners should still take care of the content, backlinks and branding, but they also have to invest in search engine optimization both on-page and off-page optimization.

We should also point out that Google algorithms today are more sophisticated and refined and they can easily determine when some website is trying to rank higher with the help of some blackhat (illegal) methods like overuse of certain keywords, spinning articles or getting paid backlinks or backlinks with low quality. In other words, search engine optimization should be left to true professional who know their job and how Google algorithms work.

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