VIDEO – Vaporcade Jupiter IO 3: A Smartphone You Can Smoke

YOu’ve probably never seen Jupiter IO 3 by Vaporcade. This isn’t just like other phones, you can actually smoke this phone… literally. Vaporcade Jupiter IO 3 smartphone also doubles as a vape. We first heard about this device late last year, but Ben Popper from the Verge actually smoked one in his Hotel room at the recently concluded CES 2016 . In the video, we saw a prototype of the phone running Android Kitkat with the vape at the top. While this may not really look practical to some people, it’s a phone I’m sure a lot of people would want all for the “swag.”Ben Popper takes a puff from Jupiter IO 3. Image credit: The Verge / YouTube / Ben Popper Vaporcade Jupiter IO 3 is a 3G phone that costs $299 USD but the company behind it is working on Jupiter IO 4, a 4G version that will cost $499 USD. The device runs on two batteries, one for the vape and the other for the smartphone. The phone looks like a regular phone until you attach the liquid cartridge and the mouthpiece. This costs $15 and comes in different flavors. The company says you can get as much as 800 puffs from a single cartridge.Vaporcade Jupiter IO 3:

Smartphone You Can SmokeAs for the device specifications, very little is known about this highPhone except for the screen size which is 5.3-inches. As for your health concern, Vaporcade claims the device is already FCC approved.

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