Use This App To Sign Documents To Sign Documents On Your Smartphone Without Any Printer

I shouldn’t tell you that printing out a document, signing it, and then scanning it back is so 2005! If you still do that:
Of course, I am 😒
Anyway, I have tried virtually all the Signature apps available, but this is the best so far! I’d like to introduce you to Adobe’s Fill & Sign — a simple app from Adobe that wants to help you add your signature(s) to a document using only your Smartphone.
It’s hassle-free! Just install (It is available on both iOS and Android platforms), click on the “Create Signature” tab — this would bring out a window where you can use your finger or a stylus pen to draw out your signature.

In Emmanuela’s voice, this is not my real signature oh.
Next, import your document and select the area that you need to append your signature.  A menu where you can either add a text or your signature should appear. In this case, my ugly signature would do just fine.
From there you can drag the signature to a new spot, resize, or adjust color, opacity, thickness.
If you are satisfied with the result, just hit the back button once, select the document and click on the share button to send to whichever destination you want.
Easy breezy!
So, if you still print, sign and scan documents in 2016, you can go and sin no more.

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