Top Leading Tech Websites In Nigeria – 2017 Updated

Every day people keep requesting on google, for top tech websites in Nigeria. Am going to be giving not just top tech websites, but the 2017 Update.  This update consist of even the new fast growing tech websites. so dont be suprised when u start seeing new webssites and some old websites were not even listed.. REMEMBER THESE ARE TOP GROWING Lets Go!

NO 1 Tech Cabal
[b]Key Facts :[/b]Alexa Rank Worldwide : 13,563
Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 111
Techcabal Has been on the core for a long time now. It is mostly read by Developers , CEOs , Startup Founders and Investors
Some of their publications have been referenced to by top American websites like Yahoo , The Guardian , TechCrunch and much more.

Key Facts :
Alexa Global Rank : 41,014
Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 287
This website has been growing very fast, and it best know for their specs and prices for their smartphones. The website is very active on search engines.

NO 4 Ogbonge Blog
Key Facts :
Alexa Global Rank : 58,453
Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 700 
This website has been a helping hand especially to the bloggers and programmers and for its top guides on tech matters. It is very easy to navigate bcux of its unique template.

NO 5 Odimexy Says
This website has been growing very fast. People have it that the website is funded by some voluntary funders. The owner of the website Odidi junior mentioned at an open interview that he will top by december this year.  The website is always updated and provides , tech bits , specs and price, tricks and more. 
Alexa Rank Worldwide : 88,440
Alexa Rank In Nigeria:710

No 6 Miss Techy  I call her Wonder Woman.
Alexa Rank Worldwide : 88,534
Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 787
Misstechy was founded in February 2015 by a Banking and Finance graduate , Tobi Ayeni. Tobi is the first recognised and most popular female tech blogger in Nigeria. She started Misstechy out of her passion for technology , little did she know that the blog will grow to be one of the best in the country.  Misstechy focuses on Gadgets , Mobile Apps and Technology in general.

NO 7
Key Facts :
Alexa Global Rank : 88,534
Alexa Rank in Nigeria : 798
MobilityArena is one of the oldest blogs in Nigeria. It was founded by mobile veteran , Yomi Adegboye  , one of the most influential persons in Nigeria’s tech space. Mobility Arena focuses on all things mobile. The blog covers information on all mobile operating systems and their apps. Mobility Arena is Nigeria’s biggest blog on mobile phones in Nigeria.

But if u want more,,,, go down
9. GEEK NIGERIA (www.Geek.NG)
Key Facts :
Alexa Global Rank : 84,991
Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 1,005

Key Facts :
Alexa Global Rank :107,322
Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 1,326

Key Facts :
Alexa Global Rank : 182,849
Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 1,393

Key Facts :
Alexa Global Rank : 133,065
Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 1,599

Key Facts :
Alexa Global Rank : 252,811
Alexa Rank In Nigeria : 1633

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