The Samsung Level On Headphone Review

Samsung got into the headphone game a few years ago with its Level series, which includes on-ear, in-ear, and over-ear models. They tend to be pretty cool headphones in terms of both design and performance.

If you want to enjoy the premium wireless sound, the Samsung Level On Headphones are for you. With its active noise canceling function, touch controls, and comfortable design, this headset won’t bother you. Available colors are Black, Red, white, and blue.

Samsung Level On Headphone Product Review

Samsung Level On headphone


The Level On looks elegant and modern. The “over-the-ear” earcups are round padded and fit well into the overall design. The headband is only padded on the lower half but adapts to the look and feel of the headphone.


The headset is quite comfortable, but the headset doesn’t seem the right size. They are a little too large to be considered “over the ear” and a little too small to be considered “on-ear”. So if you don’t have the perfect ears, it is possible that part of your ear is sticking out of the headphones.


The Level On is a decent wearable headset. They’re larger than your average over-ear headphones, but don’t take up as much pocket space as some over-the-ear headphones models. They also fold into a more compact design for easy portability. They may be too big to fit in most bags, but they will easily fit in a purse or backpack.

The Samsung Level On Wireless headphone uses super-soft foam cushions that are covered with synthetic leather and have a light to medium headband tension in order not to distribute the pressure too tightly over a fairly large area. Spec wearers may find it uncomfortable to wear them for long periods of time, but so do most headphones of this style. In my opinion, they are some of the most comfortable headphones in their class, even if the headband handle is definitely too light to use while running.

The construction of the Samsung Level On Wireless Pro isn’t too noticeable either. The exterior is made entirely of plastic, all of the upholstery is – as mentioned – made of synthetic leather and not real leather, and even the visible parts of the metal bracket are brushed to remove the sheen.

Road-ready, the Samsung Level On headphone folds up, comes with a carrying case, and provides good insulation for a pair of on-ear headphones, even when active noise cancellation is activated.


Comes with a soft pouch that protects the headphone from scratches and doesn’t add too much bulk. However, the soft fabric does not protect the headphone from water damage.


The Level On is pretty sturdy headphones. They stay in place for casual listening sessions, and their wireless design is free of cables that can tangle or get caught on something and pull the headphones out of your head.

Unfortunately, they are not made for exercise and are not tight enough to hold their position while running. They slip out of your ears when used during high-intensity exercise at the gym.


When talking about the performance of the Samsung Level On headphones, you have to break it down into two experiences: use it on a Samsung phone, and use it with everything else.

If you’re using anything other than a Samsung device, the Level On sound quality is close, if not almost identical, to that of the Beats Solo, the entry-level pair of Beats cans.

Of course, if you upgrade to a real Samsung phone, it’s a different game. Phones like Galaxy S6 and S7 not only support AptX over Bluetooth, they also support another codec called UHQ Audio. UHQ, or Ultra High-Quality Audio, delivers 24-bit audio at 88.2 kHz, twice the frequency range of standard CD-quality wireless audio.

UHQ offers a noticeable difference in audio quality. That’s not enough to make non-Samsung owners go to the store and grab a handset that fits their earbuds, but it is enough to make it a good recommendation for any Galaxy lover.

Sound Quality

The Samsung Level On headphones delivers a particularly smooth and rich sound that, without being as exciting as some others, is quite good.

The bass is pithy on almost all portable headphones – but actually smoother and more natural than the quite reputable Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear. They are easy-to-hear headphones with no sense of distortion, noise, or harshness. Compared to the much more aggressive Beats Solo 2, they are velvety.

Like the fit, the sound of Samsung Level On headphones caresses the ears. They offer a very accessible sound with no blurry highs or punchy bass. However, a number of sound limitations make them appear rather flat and not very dynamic when compared to some headsets in this price range.

First, the mids are smooth, and take a step back from the highs and lows. Like the rest of the sound, they’re as smooth as you’d like, but they just don’t offer enough definition.

However, the weak point of Samsung Level On headphones is the way these headphones handle their soundstage. It is diffuse: often unable to present a clearly defined central channel. Voices bleed freely in the left and right channels, making the sound reproduction of these headphones a bit flat and sometimes lifeless.

Pros and Cons of the Samsung Level On Headphone


  • Excellent audio reproduction.
  • Reasonable price


  • Bad build quality.
  • Uncomfortable fit.

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Another good, but not great, headset from Samsung, the Samsung Level On headphone, has enough benefits to consider, especially if you own one of Samsung’s latest smartphones.

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