The Best,Only And Most Easiest Way To Use Your Android Hack Wifi Password

How to hack wifi password on Android? Its my pleasure to introduce this to my esteem viewer, a straight forward step on how to hack a wireless password using your android phone.

its so frustrating when your subscription expire or you dont have data bundle yet, and you need to access your mail, facebook, whatapp and you are left with just bunch of wireless networks available already locked by the owner.

This article will show you how to hack wifi password on android, you dont need a window or linux or any form of computer to do this, its so easy on andriod now as long as your androd phone is compartible with the software.

Although not all andriod phone can hack WPS pin, but here is how you will know if your phone can get the job done, 

  • if your phone run has a Broadcom bcm4329 or bcm4330 wireless chipset
  • if you add cyanogen ROM you have a chances of success.

Supported Devices

  1. Htc desire HD
  1. Samsung Galaxy S1/S2/S3.
  1. Nexus 7
  1. Nexus one

step one: download bcmon on google code website here (link 1) or here  (link2)this will activate the phone to monitor mode
step two: install and run it.step three: download and install Reaver here.this software enable the cracking of WPS PIN . it retreive WPA2 passphrase. its can also be downloaded from XDA developers website.step four: lauch the Reaver, this will ask for a confirmation message after which you will choose the network you want to hack. also enable the advance automatic settings.

Step five: Once this is done correctly all you need to do is to tap the attack button at the buttom of the Reaver settings menu. this will show you the progress of the cracking . then you will see the key to the wireless network you just cracked.
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