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The objective of our website is to help and make simpler a perform of Music Marketers, TV Managers, System Professionals, Film Creators, and anyone else in cost of choosing music for television and movie tasks. Our website provides a simple way for them to discover excellent songs & music that is available for licensing.
All songs are classified by Category such as (Pop, Dancing, R&B, Sleek Jazz) and then by Design such as (Colby Callout, Woman Crazy, Mark McKnight, Sade), etc. This creates it incredibly simple to make a choice depending on your needs and then pay attention to an example. Those interested
In certification a music or music can then get in touch with us for to talk about synchronize charges, utilization, conditions, and price range. Music For Licensing is established and managed by multi-award winning/chart leading hit songwriter/producer/recording specialist Bobbi “Funkier Boy” Tamara.
We are a complete assistance enjoyment organization with our own documenting studio room that performs with a variety of skilled performers, lyricists, vocalists, and documenting performers from all over the globe.
We have the capability of composing to your venture requirements and providing Expert Top quality files at convert around periods that are sure to make an impression on and full fill your deadline.


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