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Google AdWords – A Complete Overview

Google AdWords is one of the viable paid SEO campaigns used by Digital Marketeers all around the world for better profit and robust network building. This technology of Google has become a synonym for Pay per Click campaigns. It is is easy to use and promises huge profit as a marketeer puts it to effect. What is more interesting is that Google offers free AdWords certification that one may get and proper.

It is indeed mandatory to have in-depth knowledge of Google AdWords because if beginners are given this task to work with the same, they may not produce good Return-On-investment for their organizations just due to lack of sufficient skills and expertise. Moreover, organic SEO is slowly loosing its ground due to immense amount of competitors. One can get Google AdWords Certification from Google free of cost by appearing before an examination conducted no other than Google itself.

Google AdWords is something where dedication and willing to learn attributes play an important role for a person to excel in online business. Going easy on this technology wont be much of help, or many people are using it and thus it is necessary to have a good foresight and keep a track on Google’s latest announcement and whatsoever.

What is Google AdWords and how does it Work?

Google AdWords is an advertising program introduced by Google where advertisers use Google Keyword Planner to look for Keywords used by the online audiences to search for relevant product and services. Then accordingly the advertisers place their bids on specific keywords they choose for their clickable ads so that they appear in Google search results at good positions. Clipotech already has an interesting article on Keyword Research that one can read and leverage for a better idea. This is the platform where advertisers need to pay for running effective campaigns and they pay for the clicks and that is how Google earns greater revenues from these clicks. The coming content would better describe you about AdWords’ working methodologies involving auctions, bidding methods, and discussing some factors i.e. quality scores, CPC, and much more. It is always important to understand that how important and competitive is your keyword you are bidding and how relevant is that particular keyword to real conversions for your organization or environment. Google AdWords may or may not help you in any case depending on keyword complexity. For most of the cases, it has been found that AdWords has proven much effective, reliable, and fruitful for many businesses depending on their correct use of money instead of wasting their assets for wrong or bad keywords or writing low CTR 0r Click Through Rate or poor advertisements.

As far as AdWords cost is concerned, there are number of factors, which affect AdWords costs. The cost depends on ad spending, your budget, location, keywords difficulty, and much more. Usually average cost is between $1-$2 on search network and average CPC (Cost per Click) is below $1 usually. If your keywords are very expensive, they may charge you more like even $50 per click too. Big companies even spend more than $60 million annually on paid AdWords campaigns. Hence, it is entirely up to your choices, keywords, and budgets you have.

Working of Google AdWords is exactly similar to that of auctions. Let us have a quick look.

Ad Auctions

Ad auction initiates when user successfully enters a search query. Google then finds out that whether his query is having the necessary keywords or not. These keywords are those on which advertisers are bidding at. If this is true and advertisers are bidding on all or some of users’ keywords, ad auction starts. The purpose of having this auction is to find out Ad Rank or Ad positioning. Moreover, auction also determines ads inclusion on basis of quality scores as well as maximum bid values.

So, after having quality score and ad ranking, Google makes the best use of this data to find out how much you will be paying against each ad for each click. This is the major working of AdWords in a nutshell. Many of the factors are still not covered i.e. alternative bidding procedures, ad formats, and much more. As we talked above about quality scores, let us discuss them below briefly.

Quality Scores

Quality score has huge influence over paid search campaigns’ costs. It is just like your credit score whether you are eligible for loan or not and how high can be your interest rate on basis of the amount of loan you take. Quality score has a strong effect on PPC or Pay Per Click ads performances and the payments you make for each click. It is Google’s rating done with respect to quality as well as relevancy of keywords as well as Pay-Per-Click ads. The same is used to find out the CPC and is multiplied by your maximum bidding amount for sorting out ad Rank in auction process. The score depends on many factors including CTR, keyword relevance, landing page quality, historical AdWords performance of user, and much more.

Improving Quality score benefits

We all know that quality scores are of prime importance and they have direct impact on your ads and campaigns. By having the best optimization of quality scores, you can have higher ROI i.e. return on investment. This is because higher quality score values effectively correlate with lower CPC values. It is certainly not how much you pay per click but it is about how much you pay when someone acts on your ads as per your needs whether it is a sign up action or any purchase to be made. Hence, not all clicks really convert but cost per conversion is mostly higher as compared to cost per click i.e. CPC.

Advantages of Google AdWords Campaign

There are numerous benefits of having Google AdWords. Few of them are listed below.

  1. AdWords works best as compared to SEO. This is the first and the top most benefit one can have. In SEO, you need to have proper white hat optimization of you app or website and then results arrive within two to six months months and sometimes more depending on the content posted. Google AdWords gives you the best insights where you run ad campaigns for the said keywords and you are good to go. This has to be noted that both of them are effective marketing strategies to take and gather more traffic and leads but a well-managed AdWords campaign can perform much faster with respect to first position in searches. You can have better focus on multiple keywords and ads appear on top with immediate and better visibility. No doubt, this does not mean that you should leave SEO and organic traffic but you can have better chances to drive immediate and best traffic using AdWords. This cannot be done by SEO because SEO is a slow healing process and takes time to gain necessary authority and ranking.

  2. Brand awareness is made possible at its best using AdWords. Traffic boosting, clicks, and conversions are no doubt its best features but people promote their brands using this platform. For this, Google has its partnership with ipsos and has found out that search ads for brand awareness purposes is highest.

  3. Customers reaching using Gmail is also the reason for AdWords success. This is most used marketing method for last few years where number of emails are generated and sent to clients for discussing about products and services integrating native Gmail ads with AdWords and making them publically available to advertisers.

  4. Visitors are reached and reconnected immediately using AdWords. Suppose, you have shoe shoppers on the website or any web platform of yours. The people visit all pages of your website taking no actions. You need to remind them again to come back and this you would do using display as well as RLSA campaigns. This is based on that what is explained in the point below.

  5. Remarketing on display and search networks also help AdWords succeed for their customers. Also, you can measure your constant performance using AdWords like newspapers, TV, outdoors, radio, broadcasts, and related are very expensive than AdWords so you can see detailed daily stats using the platform with less and affordable costs. Who clicked your ads and how many leads came and what revenues were made etc. are some of the features you can see.

These are few basic benefits and many of them do exist including analyzing competitors, exploring ads more, making more leads effectively, and much more.

How to open Google AdWords Account

If you have decided to reach more people around you, you need to have an AdWords account for best results. To get your AdWords account created, you would be needing an email account as well as website for your on-going business. No worries of you do not have a website because you are good to advertise still on Google using AdWords Express method. You can create your ad in just 15 minutes very easily as you just need to sign up for AdWords Express and then for AdWords.

  1. You need to tell briefly about your business, products, or services in order to setup the account for you.

  2. Just you need to enter your business website or landing page URL for the business you want to promote.

  3. Now, open your Google account, you would find recommendation for AdWords Express. This would be based on the business you shared before. If you want to move with express, go ahead and if you don’t, stick to AdWords and continue.

  4. Now, ou need to create your fist campaign. Here you need to mention how much you can spend and choose audience you wish to target. You do need to worry about charging as you won’t be charged until or unless you complete ad placement process.

  5. A day or more is required to approve your ad and then campaign would start and you would be charged accordingly.

  6. Hence, you decide how much to spend, choose your audience, place your bid, write your ad, and start advertising.

  7. Before starting advertising, you need to set up billing also. AdWords billing works in different way. You can set up auto payments or manual also. For auto payments, you do not need to pay daily, you just need to pay one time and set time frame and add funding source. All payments will be cut accordingly as per your ad placements. You can control your costs ad budget by applying manual payments if you wish to stop or set specific time period for payments as per your budgets.

  8. Now, after accepting all terms, you can finish creating ads. Now, your campaign is set ad ad is created. After final approval your campaign will start immediately and charge will be made accordingly.

The above steps are all summarized ones and one can have more features and recommendations when they make their accounts for AdWords, hence, you must go through the full guide provided by Google on their website for better and deep understanding.

Short History of Google AdWords

Like any other programs, AdWords has a unique history too. The said program was launched in 2000 by Google. At initial stages, users and advertisers used to pay for the said service on monthly basis and all campaigns management would be done by Google itself. To have better accommodation of the small businesses of advertisers who wanted to manage their campaigns their selves, Google gave the concept of AdWords commonly known as self-service portal.

In 2005, it came out that Google started to perform campaign management service known as Jumpstart. In the same year, Google had a successful launch of advertising professional program i.e. GAP for providing individuals as well as companies the necessary certifications after completing their AdWords training classes.

In 2008, Google introduced Marketing challenge i.e. Google Online Marketing Challenge, which was supposed to be an in-class exercise for tertiary students. More than 7000 students from all across the world from around 45 countries would have their participation in the said challenge. The same challenge took place in 2009 when more than 10, 000 of then took part and the sequence went on where 12000 in 2010 and over 15000 took part in 2011 from more than 70 countries from all over the world. The challenge is now running on annual basis for the period of 6 months i.e. Jan-June.

In 2013, more plans were added by Google in AdWords for enhancing campaigns to facilitate campaign management for multiple device users. This included advanced reporting tools and user-friendly interface.

In 2016, unveiling of Showcase shopping ads was performed by Google. By this format, retailers had the best options to choose various images appearing in search results as per the queries and the keywords searched.

The last update happened in October 2017, when AdWords was finally revised by Google for daily budget caps having minimum settings at 120% of daily budgets and the maximum of 200%. The change was affected and reflected on the same day right after announcement having strong criticism from paid searching professionals. Google announced that this will only take place for few days as short time and may last less than 30 days having all overage changes to be refunded back.

Features of Google AdWords

Like other programs, AdWords also incorporates numerous features and services as listed below.

  • IP address exclusion – Ad placements can be made better with excluding Internet IP addresses enabling advertisers to discard specific IP addresses where they do not want their ads to appear.

  • AdWords Express – The feature is for small businesses attempting to reduce ad campaigns’ difficulty in management by performing the bets keywords anagement and ad placement.

  • Google Partners – It is a Google certification program for professionals for making their career best and bright and to become AdWords certified.

  • Targeted Advertisements Placements – This is called site-targeted advertising where ads are placed as per site rules and design. This includes placement on basis of demographics, design, content, and much more.

  • Automated Extensions- System automatically picks and predicts ads on basis of user queries and automated extensions are installed for this purpose.

  • Google Click to Call
    – Users, by using this service can call advertisers directly from Google search results page where they enter their contact numbers and Google connects their calls to advertisers immediately.

What are the different types of Google AdWords Campaigns?

Advertising with AdWords is not possible without a successful campaign. It always depends on the type of campaign you choose and it always depends on your goals, objectives, and needs. For example, you want to have your ads shown on Google search engine for having more visitors to your website
or any web platform, you need to have Search Network campaign type. But it is just general as it all depends on the need you have and type you choose. Let us have a quick look at various types we have.

Search Network with display select

The type of Google Adwords campaign helps you to have maximum reach to the people as they use Google or visit sites across the web. It involves setting budget, choosing related keywords, creating related ads, and setting bids.

Search Network Only

The sane appears near Google search results and related Google sites when people make search of related terms with respect to your ads’ keywords.
Like, you have a Yoga school, this campaign will show your text advertisements to high level customers when they will be searching for related content like pranayama, Asana classes etc.

Display Networks Only

The network of Google AdWords campaign lets you reach people when they are performing browsing of their favorite websites, showing someone’s the videos, checking their emails on Gmail, or using their mobile devices. The said network lets you find right audiences showing your messages to
customers at right places at right time.


The shopping campaigns are the best ones to have especially when you are promoting local as well as online products, boosting traffic to your websites or landing pages, generating fast leads, and much more. These are shopping ads in the form of text ads where they show price, photos, store names, tags, locations, titles, and much more.


The video campaigns are the best ones showing video ads to the customers on the video contents on streaming websites i.e. YouTube or Daily Motion. Video ad formats include TrueView instream ads, video discovery ads, and bumper ads.
IN-Stream ads run before, during or after the video content. Out stream ones run on partner websites. Discovery ads run on YouTube only. Bumper ads are very short video ad formats made to reach people broadly increasing product and brand awareness. Many people prefer this type of Google AdWords campaign.

Universal App

The last type is universal app, which is an app advertiser where you want your app in many hands. You can easily promote any of your apps using this type including search, Google Play, Play Store, Display Network, and much more.

In conclusion, Google AdWords campaign, if subjected properly – it can indeed be viable for business. Moreover, this technology is one of the remarkable marketing tool that has helped millions of business flourish on the web and move to the height of Global Leadership.

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Amazon Affiliate Program

affiliate program also known as amazon associate is one of the best
marketing programs offered to people for making product sales in
considerable costs. By considerable costs we mean that Amazon basically
gives revenues for each product’s sale and their commission values are
pre-defined for all products. They let users to sell Amazon products,
which they place on any of the platforms they desire including blogs,
forums, social media groups, landing pages, websites, and much more. The
commissions for each product are different and it entirely depends on
the user purchasing the item. It is not necessary that user buy the same
products he clicks on seller website, he can buy any of the products
form Amazon but just he has to enter amazon through the link or product
link offered by the seller. Let us discuss it in more detail below.

Scope of Amazon Affiliate Program

last few years, amazon affiliate program has got significant importance
among buyers as well as sellers. Though, there are many other platforms
do exist too like Max-Bounty or Click-Bank but the said program is best
to have for many reasons. Despite of huge profits and commissions, the
program is ever lasting and never gets down, Moreover, it revises the
commissions and revenues with considerable modifications every six
months to one year. Many ways are there too for making earning fast like
AdSense or from online platforms but Amazon, in its own way
is no doubt superb. Now, the time has come when everyone wants to become
internet marketer and love to earn more than $100 a month as a starter
or newbie. They do it with blogging or any other way but content writing
and product promotion through Amazon has always proven best. By The
said program, you can make money thrice than current values you are
earning. The program has great future all over the world especially USA
and India as people are registering the same at highest and are earning a

How easy is Amazon Marketing?

is not easy as well as difficult at the same time for having Amazon
affiliate marketing for selling products. This is because many sellers
make wrong use of ways to sell their products including black hat SEO or
wrong product links etc. The marketing can take you in great loss also
if you do not work properly. There can wither be a huge loss or a great
profit as per your efforts. Let us discuss below a bit more.

You can be in loss if:

  • You do not place proper products on your website or any platform

  • Products are not genuine

  • You do not perform proper keyword research

  • User insights are not analyzed properly, hence incorporating losses

  • You do everything correct but do not rank the website or blog completely

You earn huge profits if:

  • You are good in SEO or website/blog ranking

  • Your content writing skills are marvelous

  • You can promote products very easily even by using just the affiliate links instead of having online platforms

  • You make good sales, hence awesome profits

How to start an Amazon Affiliate Program?

an Amazon affiliate program is not a rocket science. It is just a few
steps process, which you have to follow constantly to earn good. Be sure
that you fulfill all the needs and requirements for the said program so
that you do not get any complication ahead. What everyone likes about
Amazon is that they have millions of products to promote. They are
having almost everything under the sun actually, all from that
toothbrush to coffee machine. They lawnmower gardening tools, books, and
much more. There are certainly lots of products to promote and the best
thing is that you never need to hassle with shipping or need to have
any of them I stock or anything like that because Amazon is going to
care for all such stuff for sure. So, we will be discussing here in
steps how to get started.

  1. So, go at Amazon’s main site. You need to scroll down to the bottom. Search for “become an affiliate”.

  2. Now,
    if you did not register already, you need to do that and you have to
    wait for getting approval. Approval comes in maximum 24 hours.

  3. Right after you get approved, you again have to come back here and sign in using the credentials you have used to sign up.

  4. Now, you have lots of options for how to start.

  5. Find
    produces to promote, you can go directly over there. Pick any of the
    products and get the affiliate URL or link for that product.

  6. It is up to you as you can also go in categories and browse through any other product if desired.

  7. Now,
    you have affiliate link with you. If anyone clicks your URL, and buys
    anything not only the said product you promoted, you will get commission
    depending on the product’s value and agreed price.

  8. The
    same URL you an place at your platform including website or blog or
    anywhere you wish or you can promote it directly using social media like
    Facebook groups or twitter or Instagram. Hence, it is up to you.

  9. Let
    us be more specific about this. You do not always need to sell
    individual products but you look for bulk of products in one category.
    For example, you need to have many books and want to promote them all by
    one URL. Yes! You can do that easily. But usually people go for the

  10. When
    you get code for promoting each product, you are given three tabs i.e.
    Image, text, and Text and Image. In Text, a code is there and image has
    product image. It is recommended if you go for Text and image as they
    are both in one and promotion becomes easy and better. Other options
    include hiding or showing borders, open link in new window, setting
    colors, fonts, image size, showing product prices, background color,
    link color text color, and much more.

  11. After performing previous step, you can now highlight the HTML and get product code complete.

  12. Now,
    assuming that you are using WordPress blog, you need to go in
    Appearance tab and click widgets. Pick text widget and place it in
    primary sidebar. Name the widget as product name, put the copied HTML
    code, and click save.

  13. Now, preview the blog and you will find the product I sidebar or at the location you will place the product.

  14. This is how you can simply place the product right at side or below your content.

  15. Now,
    whoever will click this product I sidebar, you will get clicks noted in
    amazon and if anyone makes any purchase, you would get commission right

  16. Now,
    if anyone comes and click this product on your blog but does not buy
    the same product, still, nothing to worry about because you would still
    get commission for whatever he purchases as he has entered Amazon from
    your affiliate URL.

Amazon Affiliate Commission and Earning Details

an Amazon affiliate program registered is a superb and awesome act.
This is because Amazon pays their affiliates at the best and highest.
The platform allows you to make product sales on your websites by
exchanging cut of the profits. Moreover, you can have better boosting of
product range and you can test new types of products on your buyers
using various approaches. Moreover, you can also build a complete
business infrastructure around you. Amazon checks the products if they
are in stock or not and coordinates and ships them their selves you just
need to promote the products and get profits that is it.

Commission structure

comprises of fee structure, which is volume based. The more products
shipped by Amazon through your affiliate URLS, higher will be the
revenue generated. Once you sell many products, amazon increases your
commission rate and enhances your level. This includes increase in
commission values, offering more value products, and much more. It
should be noted that many of the products are also exempted from
commission values. Let us have the latest commission structure offered
by Amazon for some products.

  • Video games and consoles incorporate 1% commission on sales

  • 2% commission is offered for selling TV as well as digital products

  • 2.5% commission is offered by Amazon to sellers for computer hardware parts including DVD products and BLU-RAY devices

  • Kids’ toys let sellers to enjoy 3% commission

  • Amazon Kindle as well as Tablet devices are subject to 4% commission

  • 4.5%
    commission is allotted to sellers for products including paper books,
    health products, personal care products, sports products, kitchen items,
    and baby products like pampers etc.

  • Digital
    music and video downloads offer 5% commission to sellers including
    grocery items and handmade items as well as musical instruments

  • IT
    products including headphones, musical equipments, business products,
    and some beauty products do have 6% commission for sellers

  • Amazon TV products, clothes, accessories, jewelry items, and Amazon echo products offer 7% commissions

  • The
    best commission values i.e. 8% and 10% respectively lie for furniture
    items, lawn items, garden products, home decoration items, pet products,
    fashion products, and Amazon coins.

Payments and Earning

does not pay you any amount if you do no reach minimum limit of $10 as
per Amazon rules. Moreover, if you are not able to deliver good results
and cannot sell any of the products within 6 months, Amazon is liable to
discard your affiliate account without any notice. The minimum
threshold varies by mode of payment you apply.

  • If you want to get paid by direct bank or gift card, you need to make sales of minimum $10.

  • If you want to get paid by cheque, you should reach minimum threshold of $100.

  • If
    you fail to reach any of the thresholds, your Amazon balance will be
    added for next month and will be added to the sale you will make next.

  • Amazon pays its affiliates every 60 days, hence, if you reach threshold in January, your commission would reach in March.

Examples of Amazon Affiliate Websites

is never easy to find some good sites offering amazon products on their
platforms. They can be used as good examples especially for starters or
newbies. Therefore, let us give a quick look at the four best of them
offering Amazon products and are certainly successful in their


is first and foremost website offering Amazon products. The platform
has wide variety of gadgets and gifts from Amazon and people love to
make purchases from the same due to best showcase on the website. As per
latest stats, average 3 million users are coping on site monthly and
website is giving revenue of approx. 30000$ a month just for Amazon
products. Average length post is 150 words on website.


website is in market since 2000 and is a review website. Platform helps
consumers for reviewing various products and offer them chance to make
purchases of various products just by reading various product reviews.
They prove fruitful for bloggers for Amazon products having 1 million
visitors a month. Site was purchased later by about worth 3 million


main home page of the website is so captivating that users can’t resist
purchasing items from Amazon. The design, look, and the best SEO for
the website brings huge traffic and sales for the sellers. GiftIdeaGeek
comprises of many products including gift cards, toys, clothes, and much
more. Many users from all over the world visit the site and purchase
the items given on the site giving a remarkable upstream to product
sales and increasing product revenues and comssi0s for sellers.
Moreover, traffic towards toe website is also awesome and huge and one
cannot stop purchasing anything right away if they visit the platform
directly. The basic purpose of its success is the best promotion they
have offered using direct product link on social media platforms and
groups and also the links of products placed on website also. The major
idea for having the same is that it offered culture based products to
users and hooks audiences to click through phases on creative items of
Amazon and gains huge affiliate commissions. Average post is of 1000
words for the same platform


you are in a mood to run affiliate program by Amazon, you never need to
forget 10beasts. The platform is developed awesome having huge monthly
sales and traffic. Numerous products are placed on the website from
various categories including appliances, hoe center, toys, technology,
kitchen ware, hardware, clothes, fashion, and much more. The website is
having awesome monthly visitors of more than 1 million a month having
sales of more than 50 000$ a month. The best thing regarding the same
platform is that it has very good SEO and well written content and
sellers are putting hard efforts on the platform for making huge sales.

Plugins used in WordPress Sites

role of plugins in any affiliate site can never be ignored. This is
because they are used excessively in any website giving additional
functionality to the website. The same is true for the WordPress sites
running amazon affiliate program on them. Let us have a look at few of

  • Amazon
    Auto Links- The best WordPress plugin to have for Amazon products. The
    same helps to display Amazon products with extreme ease and comfort. You
    do not need manual efforts now right after having the same plugin. The
    plugin also keeps the products fresh and keeps track of those, which may
    get outdated nearly. The links you give in the same are attached with
    ID supporting more than 10 locales and can work on JavaScript disabled
    browsers too. You can also search specific products using the same

  • WpZon
    – WpZon is also an affiliate plugin for Amazon. The same helps you to
    add as many Amazon products as you can. You can add products in your
    pages as well as posts. The plugin supports various locales including
    UK, Germany, France, Italy, USA, and much more. You can display products
    by category, subcategory, or keywords. Just choose the number of
    products you want to show and choose between column modes. Plugin makes
    the best use of short codes, which you can insert in any post or page.

  • Product
    in post plugin – The plugin works smoother and easier with amazon
    products and you can insert all of them very quickly and easily. You
    just need to have Amazon ID ASIN and product API keys. You can add nay
    product you wish using short codes and can pick right items for your
    niche. You can also manage all items i.e. where to place them, which
    images needed, and much more. You can add unlimited number of products
    using the same plugin.

  • Amazon
    affiliates tag- The plugin is best to have for Amazon products. You can
    edit any of the affiliate links using this plugin. The URL in that case
    comprises of affiliate tag and plugin will replace the same with your
    one. It includes an easy to place options for adding no follow
    attributes and lets you have target blank attribute.

Eligibility Criteria to join Amazon Affiliate Program

has to be certain conditions for each approval you want from any online
affiliate program. The same is applicable to Amazon too but not much
restricted conditions exist. Just you need to understand below-mentioned
facts before applying to Amazon.

    • You
      have finalized your niche. This is for sure important. If you do not
      understand your interests and needs, you are not too good to proceed
      further. Suppose, your niche is health and fitness, you then need to
      stick on the same throughout. Just keep a quick eye around you and
      research that which niches are getting good profits and go for the same.
      But it is always not recommended because experts always recommend the
      same niche in which you have interest and you can proceed best in that.

    • You
      need to have a website or blog or any online platform. You can for sure
      work without that option too but it is not recommended. You can take
      affiliate URLS and promote them later but for account approval, you need
      to mention blog or website for best and fast approvals. If you are
      having website or blog, you can easily rank them by doing proper keyword
      research and placing right products.

    • You
      need to have good research knowledge i.e. act smartly. You need to be
      fair smart with that as selling is not an easy job. You have to convince
      customers to come to you and buy from you and this would only happen if
      you have good working attitude and your design and online working is
      very convincing and attractive.

    • Content
      is king. Yes! Content is the major role player here. Do make online
      portal or blog and start posting there. Do at least 30 posts and then
      apply for Amazon. You need to show something before you apply and you
      have to do that for best results. Copied, spun, or stolen content is not
      at all accepted. By this, maybe you get approval sometime but do not
      expect good results in future with respect to product sales. Rather than
      going for views, concentrate on high quality and unique content posting
      daily for effective results.

    • Read
      Amazon Affiliate Agreement thoroughly – This is where we completely
      lack in almost all platforms i.e. we never dare to read agreement and
      terms and conditions and just click Agree without reading anything. This
      leads us to severe problems in later stages. This agreement mentions
      almost everything related and you can follow the same throughout in
      future for fast approval as well as good sales.

    • Identify
      yourself as Amazon Affiliate – This refers where you refer yourself as
      Amazon affiliate mentioning that you are their partner and are selling
      on their behalf. This can go anywhere like about us or any page. Usually
      most of the sellers miss this and get rejected sometimes by amazon.

    • Make
      use of proper Amazon Buttons – Instead of copying images from Google,
      make use of proper amazon buy buttons. You can use content egg or any
      plugin of WordPress for putting the same in your blog or website. Many
      sellers have lost their accounts just for this silly mistake they made
      and they never got the account back after that. On google, there are
      also nice Amazon buy buttons available but most of the images are not
      actually approved by the Amazon. Hence, look for approved ones for
      getting no rejection for current account. Keep in mind that Amazon keeps
      track of all activities you do with your website or blog.

    • Don’t
      mention price – You do not need to mention any product pr4ices until
      they get updated automatically by Amazon API. Manual pricing can lead
      your account to rejection. This is also due to the reason that prices
      change and update often so their API will make updates accordingly. But
      when you give manual, updates won’t take place.

    • After you get approved, make efforts to sale within 180 days or six months else account will stand cancelled and rejected.