Story Of Domain Registration In Nigeria Changed By Domainking.NG Part 1

My name is Odidi Junior Meshach,
Am a very passionate and productive blogger if i may say.
Today am going to be discussing About The Coming Of Domainking Saving Nigerian Website owners.

Long time ago about 2006, Domain registration in Nigeria was a problem. You can’t get domain for many reasons . As at then, master card and other online banking systems were not peculiar and this hindered many passionate website owners from buying domains, or participating in any website realted matters.

Even the Nigerian domain registras then don’t give younthe ability to manage your control pannel very well.
This is the quote of Post made by SMARTSOFT on nairaland 1:31pm On Jun 152006         SEE HERE    

 Well someone in this forum of recent posted domain registration for about N300 a year, well the thing is in nigeria our domain registra here don’t give you ability to maintain your Domain panel your self incase of necessity
That shows people are really spoiling this kind of market for other people now Nairahost sell domain with your own domain control panel and good features,  not advertising oo but at least with what have seen and the Price is kind of good. if you really look at, the domain sold for N300 got no Control panel to be given to you, alot of features woun’t be enable for you and it will be very useless for you to use it,  just like you  will have to send your DNS to them and it will take 3days for them to register your domain, their domain goes for N1000 which really sucks because no Control Panel for you, you can’t even change your dns for yourself. likewise Signonafrica after buying domain and filling form for neccessary infos for your domain, you will have to beg them for them to change your DNS it even got to a point was asking for payment to Change DNS, H a b a it shouldn’t be so at all  i’m not trying to condemn anybody but what i’m trying to to say is that the money aren’t the issue if a domain is sold for N20,000 and the features you got there are kind of fatanstic, you going to pay knowing full well other people are also registring the same domain for N300

The White guys we claim to buy domain from also provides Domain Control panel for every domain you buy excluding you buying in a buk. i haven’t seen a Nigeria Company who registers domain and give you access to the Domain, What they will tell you is to send your DNS and stuff like that .

Even then, the of buying domains was too expensive, but when domainking came in Into place, the story began to change, many things began to change and today Nigerians now buy domains like people going for shopping in the market.  

I wrote an article about reasons why domain king is the best in Nigeria. And Africa as a whole.

Also my friend Jide Ogunsanya made a blog post about 5 reasons why he chooses domainking.

After reading these articles , you will find out that domain  registration has really been improved in Nigeria. 

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