Skype for web lets you call mobile phones and more

Skype, Microsoft’s chat and video calling service recent
updated its web version with several new features in order to
make the service easier to use. The latest upgrades include, the
ability to call landlines and mobile phones, the ability to add
people who aren’t on Skpe to an ongoing Skype conversation as
well as the ability to watch videos in links sent.
With a subscription or little Skype credit, you can now make
affordable international calls to mobile phones and landlines
anywhere in the world. All you need do is sign into Skype for
Web, click on the call phones tab, select your destination, dial

the number you wish to call and hit the call button.

Meanwhile, when someone sends you a link to a video over
your Skype conversation, you no longer have to open another
browser window in order to watch it. This is because new
updates to the web service will now give you full-screen and
volume controls that usually accompany videos so that all you
have to do is click and watch, right there on Skype.
In addition, you can now add people who aren’t on Skype to
your chat conversations by simply clicking on +New, share
conversation and you’ll get a unique URL that you can send
to whomever you want to join you. What if that person doesn’t
have a Skype account? No sweat. They can still join your
conversation as a guest.
Finally, by signing in for Skype on Web, you will no longer
miss any message or call as long as you’re online, because you
can now receive notifications on your computer even when
you’re not logged into Skype .

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