How to setup adsense page level ads?

Google AdSense is the most popular ad network in the world with millions of publishers partnered with the tech giant Google. The number of website owners who are joining this network is growing every day and it seems that for many people this is the primary source of online income. Google AdSense promises good commissions and fair play and this is one of the reasons why so many people are interested in AdSense.

adsense page level ads

Another thing that makes this network so interesting is the fact that they are constantly investing in improvements and optimization of their ads which makes the results even better.

Now while ago, Google introduced the Page-level ads. Thanks to these ads, publishers can boost ad revenues on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and as we all know there are millions of devices like this used to access the Internet. The popularity of mobile devices is increasing and Google AdSense has decided to follow this trend. Google Page-level ads are just a different form of the same ads. A standard page viewed on a desktop or laptop computer can have three ads. Google has set this limitation after long research and realizing that this amount of ads is optimal. With the help of page-level ads you should be able to get more money from mobile web traffic without making changes to your current ad settings.

This is something that you can easily change from the settings menu. You can choose from two different ad types – vignette and anchor or overlay ads. Of course, you can also decide to leave them disabled, use only one or even both of them. Now that we know how useful they can be it is time to find out how to setup adsense page level ads.

For starters, begin by entering the Google AdSense publisher account and check the dashboard. This is the area where you will find a notification about these changes. So, click directly on the notification. Next, you will find a textual intro about the Google page-level ads and a few moments after that you will notice the slides with explanation images.

The next step is to activate one of the types that you would like to use. We have already mentioned that you can use Vignette ads or so-called Anchor or Overlay ads. Each of these options comes with certain advantages and disadvantages, so try to learn more about them and/or make some tests and see how it goes. Finally, when you select the type of ad you will get a code that you must copy and paste ir in the head tag of the HTML of your page. Of course, those who use WordPress CMS will find this task easier because they will simply need to click on the editor and paste the code.
In the end, don’t forget to check whether the ads are visible no your mobile device or not. Google page-level ads are ideal for the monetization of mobile traffic.

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