SEO Backlinks Explained

You have probably heard about SEO backlinks, but you are not sure what they are. If you are in a situation like this you should not be worried because SEO backlinks are not very complicated. This term is used to describe links to one website coming from another. In most cases, a link from one website published on another website improves the search engine ranking of the linked website and this is the reason why most webmasters are interested in getting SEO backlinks. It is also good to mention that some people call them inward links, inbound links and inlinks.

SEO Back links

Generally speaking, the higher the number of backlinks that some website has, the better ranking that website can expect. Due to the fact that almost every search engine wants to provide precise and relevant search results, they rank websites with more backlinks higher than other websites. So, any SEO campaign you are trying to implement should include SEO backlinking.

Besides the high number of SEO backlinks, website owners must be focused on the quality of these backlinks or where they are coming from. Obviously, a backlink that comes from a popular site or at least from a site that has better ranking than yours is a good backlink and it can only improve your ranking. On the other hand, if you have many backlinks from low-quality, suspicious website, your website’s ranking can drop and your website might get de-indexed. Another thing that you must take into account is the relevance – the backlinks you get must come from websites in the same industry/niche. For example, if you are selling dog products a backlink that comes from quality car blog won’t help you much. In the contrary, this may raise suspicion in Google web crawlers and bots.

Time is also crucial when we talk about SEO backlinks. Getting a dozen of backlinks in one day is less valuable than getting a dozen of backlinks in a period of one month. This is a signal for most search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing that your website is getting natural SEO backlinks, not some staged or paid backlinks. Even though Google doesn’t strictly forbid link exchanges, it is much better to get backlink from reputable website without having a link that points to that website on your website.

There are a huge number of people who are wondering how to get SEO backlinks. One of the most convenient and most efficient ways to get high-quality backlinks is to create and maintain a website with exceptional content. In order to do this you will need to spend a lot of time and certain amount of money because getting quality and interesting content is not a simple task. If you have a website like this it is reasonable to expect to get natural SEO backlinks.

Another proven method is guest posting. You can offer other websites in your niche to share a valuable article or blog posts with a link that points to your website. Finally, you can also try publishing press releases.
SEO backlinks are important for the overall SEO of any website and this is why you need to include them in your SEO strategy.


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