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 By the last few months, I’ve worked erection increasing employment on apnaypages Facebook sports fan page and working advertising my page to get more likes and users. I’ve rendered Facebook advertisement (extremely commended) and few hints which I put on my web, which helped me to boost my fan promote on Facebook Pages.

 Here I’m discoursing one such WordPress plugin, which I’ve used awhile and it’s working up great for Facebook Fan page. 

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FB page promoter WordPress plugin is a free and very valuable plugin for any WordPress web which will be sure your sometime visitor will turn into Fans. This is a plugin which showing a Fan box pop when a user visit your World Wide Web page. The plugin attaches to minimum settings and all you demand to do is download and install this free plugin from WordPress and add your Fan page I.D. Here is a quick guidebook which will help you to configure this plugin video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi language. 

How to arrange Facebook pop Light box plugin 

Download and install this plugin from your official page. You are able to find this plugin settings in a class tab in your dashboard below Settings > Facebook light box. 

Go to settings page and all you need is your Fan page numerical ID, that you are able to easy remember by followers this guidebook: 

Follow this link: and replace apnaypages with your fan page name. In below video how to get Facebook fan page ID.

Only copy the ID in plugin settings page and configure other choices like (Pages, homepage, and archive) where you want Facebook Fan page pop to be shown up and after how many days you would like to show pop again.

I am utilizing this plugin from last two month and I’ve seen a big growth in number of likes on my Facebook fan page. Though there are a few downsides of this plugin, as this pop is little annoying when subscriber is looking at your site on a cell phone. I proved it on my iPad and it workings fine and you are able to easily close the pop, but when utilizing your site on small-scale mobile screen, this plugin sacked annoying. Though, total this plugin works expectant and you are able to easy require beneficial count of addition in fans by utilizing Facebook page promoter plugin.

You are able to configure this plugin to display pop only on Homepage to survive lower annoying and you are able to set the “appearance every x days” to more in high spirits number like 30, to show pop box once in a month to a reviewer. Total, I find this plugin very useful and especially you’ll be acquiring pointed likes, since visitor likes your facebook fan page from your blog.

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If you want to free  Download Facebook promote plugin Click below Download button.

how to download Facebook page promoter light box

 How to increase Facebook Fan Page like box video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi?


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