Paper English Class one

 paper english class one 2014 free download
Name:___ Roll number:____ Calass:one   Paper:English
Qno:1:Write the counting one to ten.
Qno:2:Write the name of days
Qno:3:Write capital letter,s A To Z.
Qno:4: 11-she is only one ………old   i-year                         ii-month          iii-day             iv-week
12-with such a lovly………      i-laugh            ii-tear             iii-smile           iv-anger
13-she is good at………           i-sleeping        ii-running       iii-eating         iv-weeping
14-she likes to cartoons.           I-watch          ii-watchin      iii-watches     iv-watched
 15- A tricycle has……….        .i-two wheels ii-three wheels            iii-one wheels .
16-Annia is very           i-bad   ii-ugly              iii-stupid         iv-sweet
17-sabuktagin was the king of …….. i-paistan          ii-iran             iii-iraq iv-afghanistan
18-The fawn quickly ran to its            i-fater  ii-mother         iii-sister iv-brother
19-Before marriage sabukatgin had only      i-one horse      ii-two horse   iii-three horse iv-four horse.
20-Bits of food are lft in our    i-eyes              ii-nails             iii-teeth           iv-nose
21-best exercise for a longer lifes        i-running        ii-sleeping       iii-walking     iv-drinking
22-If we take care of our health we should live .       .i-short            ii-sadly            iii-unactivetly             iv-longer
23-Each time I see him ………            i-coming          ii-comes           iii-come           iv-came
24-I love him more and …….  i-more             ii-less              iii-a lot            iv-little
25-for mummys nearly thiry…….      i-three             ii-two              iii-one              iv-four
26-i read….  Class 6th.              I-on     ii-at                 iii-in                 iv-to
27-we sit ……..the chair          i-on      ii-in      iii-at     iv-undr
28-Sunday comes after….       .i-Monday       ii-Saturday     iii-Friday        iv-tuseday
29-opposite of “small” is          i-strong           ii-big    iii-tall               iv-thin
30-During rain we use                         i-an umbrella ii-a han kerchief       iii-a paper      iv- a napkin
subjective part
Qno:1: Translate into urdu (any one )
i-                    Some times we read in dim light while lying in bed. We must avoid dong so otherwise our eyesight will become weak. If we take care of our health we should live longer and lead a healthier life.
ii-                  Newspapers play a very important role in our social and political life. They give us information about the things that happen in the world. They keep us aware of our surroundings . they also tell us about the people in the other parts of the world .
Qno:2: Answer these question :
i-what makes a man noble and great?  Ii-why is “azam” called out?  Iii-what does amina,s father do? Iv-who was sabuktagin. V-where is the village siturated.
Qno:3:Write the an eassays an “My best Teacher”     OR   “My pen”
Qno:4:Write the story on “A thirsty crow”
Qno:5: Write an application for sick leave.
Qno:6: Use the following words in your own sentences ,
(respect, meal, food, nealth, fields.



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