OMG😥🤔 Iphone 7 , The Second Phone To exploade This Year

Samsung Mobile doesn’t look like the only company that has to deal with exploding devices this year, as an iPhone 7 too reportedly exploded when accidentally dropped. This was said to happen in Yunnan province, Southwest China when a user mistakenly let the phone hit the ground.
This has been circulating in Chinese media and according to a report on this Chinese website, the phone started emitting smoke and vibrating vigorously after the drop. Next, the battery exploded, leaving a burnt device with the screen almost detaching from the chassis.

Although Samsung Galaxy Note 7 took the center stage of explosive mobile devices this year, there seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the iPhone 7 as well. This isn’t the first time an explosion is being reported.
An iPhone 7 has reported heated up and exploded while being charged in a car. Another one suddenly exploded while still in its package. Apple is yet to make a statement or publicly acknowledge this.

This explosions appear to be the result of OEMs trying to make the devices as thin as possible; terrible battery engineering seems to be the outcome.

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