Null Curriculum

What is Null Curriculum? – Whats and Hows

Over the course of the past few decades, there have been flurry of pedagogical activities at educational institutes about effective education. What should be taught and what should not, always remain controversial debate. Many scholars have developed different theories and concepts about education. Curriculum is one the main parts of education. It may be defined as, a set of subjects offered for specific program of study for particular time of period in educational institutes.

There are many types of curriculum such as overt, hidden, null etc. The null curriculum is first formulated by Professor Eiser, (1979). Null curriculum means omission and neglected part of curriculum which deliberately delete from curriculum.null curriculum, android apps, ClipoTech, home based jobs. earn from home, latest computer technology, latest tech news, latest technologies, Make Money Online, new technologies, new technology news, new techology 2016, new techology 2018, Non-US-Bank for PayPal, Online Earning, PayPal, science and technology news, technical news, technology updates, work from home

According to Professor Eiser null curriculum is, “there is something of paradox involved in writing about a curriculum that does not exist. Yet if we are concerned with consequences of school programs and role of curriculum in shaping those consequences, then it seems to me we are well advised to consider not only the explicit and implicit curricula of school but also what schools do not teach. It is my thesis that school is not teach may be as important as the do teach. Ignorance is not simply a natural void; it has an important effect on the kinds of opinion one is able to consider, the alternatives that one can examine, and perspectives form which one can view a situation or problem. The absence of a set of considerations or perspectives or the inability to use certain process for appraising a context biases the evidence one is able to take into account. A parochial perspectives or simplistic analysis is the inevitable progeny of ignorance.”

From Einer point of view, the null curriculum is that which is not taught in school, but actually should be taught in school according to the needs of students and society. For example, education of environment, sex, gender, ethic, life, and career planning etc. all these contents are important as other.

In many educational institutes, career planning is not taught, for example. In this way, students cannot plane for future because most of students are confused and do not take good decision for career. If contents of career planning are included in formal curriculum, surely, it will be greatly helpful for students for better career planning.

There are three types of null curriculum; intended, applied, and experience.

Intended Null curriculum:  the author of textbook and other such as curriculum experts, and politician deliberately delete the some contents of curriculum; because of it’s incongruently with the needs of students and society. This deleted part is called intended null curriculum.

Applied Null Curriculum: sometimes teacher does not teach few contents of curriculum in class. They think these contents are not necessary for students.

Experience Null Curriculum: sometimes students themselves not learn some contents of curriculum or pay less attention on them, as students consider these materials are unnecessary for them.  These ignore materials are called experience Null curriculum.

In briefly, it may be said that null curriculum is as necessary as other types of curriculum. Null curriculum is important for development of students.


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