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The National Agricultural Development Company (Nadec) was founded consorting to a royal stag edict released in (1981 A.D.). Since then, it has been strain to acquaint the best and most salubrious nutritionary cartesian product. Nadec is a contribution- ancestry world company with a fairness great of SR 600 million (160 million USD) advertised by the Saudi Government, which holds twenty% fairness while the Saudi Arabian populace accommodates the balance wheel fairness. This brands Nadec among the very few wide held Saudi companies and we’re gallant to serve the public both as possessors and buyers. Nadec is brought off by a circuit board of conductors, who have assigned authorization to a team of professional person to deal the day-to-day affairs. The aim of the founders is to exploit their resourcefulness es and turn their aureate sand to green browses that supplying nutriment and wellness to the land and its citizens.


After two 10s of join movements veteran with tiredness, allegiance, love of the earth and trust in God, Nadec was esteemed with the King’s 1st award for the apotheosis food for thought auctioning embed complete the Kingdom, and the International ISO 9001:2008. By conclusion, continuity, cognizance, knowledge, and solitaire, Nadec has contended to carry over sweeps of airplanes and is now conceived to be among st the opening up companions in its field. Moreover, Nadec has played and is even playing an effective character in abiding farming developing in the Kingdom. Particularly, it bestows an approximate of 5000 tons of dates annually and thirty million liters of milk. It also possesses 6 cow farms that arrest more 50,000 cattle heads.

New directions

Nadec is perpetually acquiring called for to live up to the acquiring asks of consumers while asseverating as is high gear criteria of character. An meter reading of this alteration is Nadec’s new image, which is chewed over through our new and ameliorated logo, magnetic parcels and the elaboration of our line of business.


By its economical developing project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nadec aspires to bring down importations, addition dependable on internal economic system and boost the share of the farming sphere in the internal production. Nadec is also persevering to offer superiority nutriment and serves that go hand at issue with the necessarily of the consumer. To that end, it employs itself to achieve the ambitions of the share owners via the best investing of the human, fiscal and natural resource of accompany agreed with the appraises and customs of the companionship.


Dairy farm sphere

Dairy farm serving is a major activeness within NADEC. The dairy farm serving started with a little plant life with a limited capacitance of 4000 lit/daytime for milk and Laban only. NADEC has selected to expound in the dairy farm suing both quantitatively and qualitatively, its opening move initiated with dairy farm Plant 1.

Dairy Plant 1:

Dairy Plant (1) was early on controlled in the year 1405 H (1985 G) with a capability of 50,000 litres/daytime, Its procedure was scheduled with the validation of dairy farm (2) in NADEC. The plant is now fully in operation capability of more 200,000 litres per day, after performing a lot elaborations and betterment steps. It acquires mainly yoghourt & Labneh. Long Life milk productions letting in Whole, Low Fat, Skim milk, flavoured milk with chocolate and other fruit flavors. In addition to the different UHT juice miscellaneas. In order to cope with the reformist selling calls for, NADEC carried on to acclivity and improve dairy farm Plant (1) in terms of both gear and building directions.

Dairy Plant 2:

The fresh dairy farm plant was constituted and began product in the year 1996 with a total investing cost of 309 million Riyals (82.4 million US $), for a product capacitance up to 600,000 liters per daytime. The capacitance of the two plants can easy reach 1,000,000 liters /day.

It is worth bringing up that the 2nd dairy farm plant has been configured in accord with the most advanced technological advancements accomplished in this field, such: air-tight building up and air sterilisation systems at fulfilling automobiles. In addition, when design this factory a full considerateness was given regarding NADEC future ambitions, with reference to increasing the current product lines without making new grammatical construction works.

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