Mooditt-Nigeria Music Streaming App. New Categories Are unveiled with Categories

Mooditt , a music streaming app incubated by Mahindra
Comviva has launched the first-of-its-kind music cataloging
by moods to give Nigerians who have an eclectic taste in music
including Hip-Hop, Highlife, R&B as well as religious
music depending on their mood at any given point of time.The revamped Mooditt comes with improved algorithm that
classifies songs on the basis of various mood selections enabling
users users to browse through its repository and enjoy songs of
their favorite artists blending with their mood at any given time.According to Olubukola Awodumila, Marketing Lead, Mooditt,
“the new Mooditt 2.0 music app does not just allow users to
create personalized playlists but also allows them to create and
manage their personal profiles and access downloads of hottest
Nigerian songs offline.”The user can download free ringtones of all the songs in the
catalogue, select their favorite song share them on social media
and also get newsfeed and information of their favorite artist.
The app currently allows secure online payment through
Quickteller and would soon include other mobile money
service providers like Paga, Pocketmonie etc.Mooditt has recorded over 500k thousand music downloads and
has reported 2 million unique sessions, 32 million page-views,
2.5 million songs streamed with an average 7 minutes spent per
Mooditt app user.Users can create and share playlist and also download songs
and ringtones for listening offline, wirelessly. The app offers the
user the ability to search directly for tracks, artists, albums and
browse music by genres.Mooditt 2.0 music app is available on Google Play Store for
android device users and on Apple store for iOS users and on
the web. Other players include iROKING, Truspot,
MyMusic among others.
PricewaterhouseCoopers has forecast consumer spending on
recorded music revenues to hit $43 million and $19 million for
Nigeria and Kenya respectively this year. Both markets are
undergoing shifts also seen elsewhere in the world, meaning
digital gains will roughly offset physical losses. PwC expects. Nigeria’s physical market to decline $3 million to $14 million by
2017, while its digital market is predicted to grow $2 million, to
$28 million. In Kenya, a $2million decline in the physical
market in 2017 is expected to overshadow a $1million increase
in the digital market.

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