Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers have been a hot topic in the past few years, especially the smaller ones that are easy to pack for travel. This demand has led to more and more “micro” speakers. Monsters Superstar is the company’s second-generation and is touted as “the world’s smallest audiophile speaker”.

The Monster Superstar Bluetooth speaker has a full range of features, including wired and Bluetooth connectivity options, a noise-canceling microphone, and IPX-4 splash protection. It also features a removable silicone case. The monster superstar Bluetooth speaker is extremely compact; With dimensions of 5 x 2.5 x 0.9 inches (roughly the size of two smartphones stacked on top of each other) and weighing in at 8 ounces, it fits in many pockets without weighing you down. For those interested in a color match, the Superstar may be available in gray, blue, or green.

Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker Product Review

Monster superstar Bluetooth speaker

Build and Design

Depending on the color chosen, the Monster Superstar can either be sophisticated and subtle or loud and noticeable. No matter how flashy your color choices are or not, the speaker is a real head-turner, especially how thin it is compared to most of the other speakers of this size we’ve seen.

The Monster Superstar Bluetooth speaker is also quite light, weighing only 7 oz. Despite its lightweight, it’s quite durable and has an IPX4 rating, which basically means it’s splash-proof.


Registering with the Monster Superstar is a breeze. The first time you turn it on, the speaker should go into pairing mode immediately, but if it doesn’t, simply press and hold the button labeled with the Bluetooth icon to start it up. When you’re done, all you have to do is pair the device of your choice. Those who prefer to plug it in a can of course do so using the 3.5 mm jack on the side.

The Bluetooth range is the usual 30 feet and during the test we were able to move freely within that range without experiencing a stall or stutter. This is good as you have your phone handy if you want to skip tracks as the only buttons are the Bluetooth and power buttons, as well as the volume controls. Fortunately, the Bluetooth button doubles as a play/pause button, answering and ending calls. Speaking of calls, the quality of calls with the built-in hands-free microphone was quite good.


The battery life of the Monster Superstar is around 5 hours, which is good. Charging takes place via the included 3.5 mm cable, although no AC stone is included

Material Structure

The type of material used for a speaker of this size makes it extremely strong and resistant to bumps and knocks. The high processing quality of the PVC used for the outer shell showed excellent protection according to our tests.

The material is also waterproof and resistant to UV rays. This significantly improves the overall durability of the speakers. They can easily withstand the tests of your outdoor adventures while maintaining their ability to produce great music.


This factor is strongly influenced by the design factor. The small and compact design makes this speaker very portable. It fits practically anywhere in your luggage, backpack or even in your back pocket.

The possibility of attaching it with a carabineer allows you to hang it with your belt or the strap of your backpack. This further increases the convenience and usefulness as you can listen to the music of your choice while cycling or hiking.

Audio Quality

This Monster Superstar Bluetooth speaker can work consistently at both low and high volumes. The high-quality loudspeaker installed inside has good volume controls. It does not warp at high volumes.

At lower volumes, the song you are playing doesn’t sound disappointing and sounds good enough. It keeps the quality of the sound effects very effectively. That way, you can use it depending on the hype and mood.

Pros and Cons of the Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker


  • The Monster Superstar speaker is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, which makes it easy to connect and keep conventions constant over long distances. It easily retains its sound quality even when the device is far away.
  • Multiple connectivity options in addition to Bluetooth make this speaker versatile. It has an AUX cable input and an NFC function for easy pairing. This way you can use the speaker as you want.
  • The different designs and the compatibility of a carabiner make this speaker extremely easy to transport. It fits anywhere without taking up a lot of space and can also be hung on your backpack.
  • This item has a strong outer shell to protect against bumps and all types of falls. This makes it more durable and durable compared to others. It also protects the speaker inside.
  • It has built-in volume controls. Bass effects are also quite organic at all volume levels


  • Due to its small and compact design, this speaker has limited performance in its sound. It can produce high volume levels, but most of the time they don’t sound overwhelming.
  • The speakers are very water-repellent and not completely waterproof. It can withstand droplets and moderate splashing, but without being rain or underwater.
  • The bass effects become inconsistent as the battery life runs out and runs out. It goes down and starts to warp.

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While the monster superstar Bluetooth speaker doesn’t live up to its reputation as “the world’s smallest audiophile Bluetooth speaker,” the Monster Superstar has some nice features, including a sleek, splash-proof design and a built-in speaker. But the question is: is this speaker worth it?

At $ 130, we looked at other speakers that offer more for the same price or less. None of the other speakers we’ve seen so far are as flat and thin as the Superstar. If that’s important to you, or if you like the look, then of course go for it. There are probably better options for everyone.

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