Microsoft Surface Phones Appears In Live Photos- Unbelievable

Microsoft has been rumored to be working on its killer smartphone named the Surface Phone since last year. While the company is yet to issue a single statement on this device, there have been speculations that the tech giant isn’t backing away from the mobile market despite disappointing sales of Windows 10 smartphones in recent times.
Microsoft Surface Phone has had its own fair share of attention on the Internet with several unofficial renders by fans popping up everywhere. With the latest once coming from renowned leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks), these may be the most believable leaked renders we’ve seen so far.
Microsoft Surface Phone still retains the flat look with sharp corners inherited from the Lumia lineup. Again, it should be noted that these are only renders which may turn out to be fake after all, since Microsoft hasn’t adrifted or denied the existence of this device.
Image credit: @evleaks / Twitter
From the renders, the Surface Phone appears to be made strictly for business. It looks like a gadget to compliment the company’s hugely successful Surface Book Pro. Evan Blass hinted that the Surface Phone might come with an Intel Processor worthy to be found on a notebook. The leak also include live images of the device in use.
Image credit: @evleaks / Twitter
Microsoft seems to be taking a different approach to capture the market, but it’s too early to say if this is going to work. Until the device actually hits the market, we are just going to rely on leaks and rumors.

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