Math Question for Class 7

Math class 7

Note:Slove the following short  questions. <any 12>

1: Find the intersection of sets.  A={3,6,9,12,15},    B={5,10,15,20}

2: simplity.     1/5<(-2/5)<(-100/32)

3:Separate the terminating and nonterminating.

(I)  20/15      (ii)  5 /1000        (iii)   24/32

4:Find the squares.  (I) 41   (ii)  4/11

5:Find the square root by division  method.   1082.41

6:Round off following decimals up to three decimal places.

(I)23.15147       (ii) 0.92517

7:Find the square root.   (I)    325         (ii)  1.5625

8:A car covers 201 KM in 3 hours. How much distance will it cover in 7 hours?

9:Saleem earned Rs 114,700 from a rice crop and paid ushr at the rate of 5% what amount did he pay as ushr?

10:Resolve into factors by using identity.    11x+22x+11.

11:The length of a marriage hall is 4times as much as its breadth. It the perineter of the hall is 240m, Find the lenght and the breadth of the marriage hall.

12:The area of a circular swimming pool is 154m find the out the radius of te swimming pool.

13:A mason can repair a 774m long track in 24 days. If he repairs 598m track then find how many days he will take to repair the remaining track.

14:Find the union.  X={2,4,6,8,10},    Y={1,5,10}

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