How to Make Money With Publicity Clerks?

In the recent period we are witnessing the emergence of many Ad Networks. This is not a surprise because thousands of people from every part of the world are trying to make money online and using the help of ad networks is one the ways in which they are trying to achieve this. Some of these ad networks are well-established like Google AdSense or BuySellAds while others are relatively new. In case you want to cooperate with an ad network that has a different approach, many experts will recommend Publicity Clerks.

Make Money with BuySell ads

This is a direct advertising network that operates for more than 4 years now. The basic idea is to connect publishers and advertisers. Publicity Clerks is known as a relatively strict network because it is trying to work only with relevant and serious publishers and advertisers. Most people want to find out how to make money with Publicity Clerks after their AdSense account gets suspended or banned, but from the experience of hundreds of publishers you should consider this network even if you have not joined any ad network yet. Many people compare Publicity Clerks with Buy Sell Ads and agree that these two networks have similarities and some specific features.

If you want to make money with Publicity Clerks, you will have to meet some of their requirements. In other words, your website will have to pass their filters before you get an approval. First of all, you must have a website that drives more than one hundred thousand impressions each month. This rule has an exception – even websites with 50.000 impressions may get approval if they are focused on some specific niche and if the niche is popular among advertisers. It is up to you to decide when the right time to send an application is.
Another requirement is to have original, attractive and useful content on your website and modern web design (having responsive design is a big advantage). You should not even think about making money with Publicity Clerks in case your website is under construction or incomplete in any way. So, in order to increase your chances to make money with Publicity Clerks, make sure that your website is fully functional, has user-friendly interface and gets regular updates. In addition, you should know that this ad network accepts only websites in English language.

Publicity Clerks don’t accept blogs hosted on free blogging platforms (only unique domains) and websites that are focused on hacking, porn, spamming and other similar activities. Additionally, the website should not look like it was designed solely for advertising. For example, if you have one article of 300 words on one page and you have used 10+ ads on the page then you are clearly overusing ads.
Publicity Clerks pay their partners for two things – whenever someone clicks on the ads they provide and for the total impressions per month. According to some users you can get up to two dollars for one thousand impressions.

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