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If you are interested in making money with the help of an ad network on the Internet, then you have probably heard about Buysellads. The fact is that hundreds of people are wondering whether it is possible to make money with Buysellsads and if you are one of them you should know that the answer is affirmative. Of course, in order to start making money you should take certain things into account.
BuySellAds is among the oldest and most respected direct ad network on our planet.

Buy and Sell Ads

Every publisher/website owner Is able to make money with Buysellads by selling/renting space on their website for ads to advertisers. From the moment you get approval for joining their partner program, Buysellads will list your website in an adequate category (depending on your niche). At the same time, you will get a code that you must put on your website. So, the advertisers will have a chance to learn more about your website before they decide to place their advertisement. On the other hand, Buysellads allows publishers and website owners to select the price for the ad space they are selling. There is no doubt that this is good news for publishers because they can get realistic price for the ads they display.

But, just like in the case of many other advertising networks, in order to make money with Buysellads you will need to meet few of their criteria to get approved in the first place.
First of all, your website must have more than 50.000 unique impressions each month in a period of at least three months. Even though 50.000 may sound like a huge number a successful website usually has more than 100.000 impressions per month. Furthermore, the website should not have any suspicious or inappropriate content for all ages and people like gambling, porn, hacks etc.

The management of Buysellads will also check the Alexa rank and page rank of every website that wants to work with them. The website should avoid placing many ads on each page because this may lead to rejection. Buysellads partners with websites that have fresh and relevant content, content in English language (some websites with other languages are allowed if they have huge amount of web traffic) and websites with their own hosting (not free WordPress blogs or Blogger blogs).

Another reason why people choose Buysellads is the variety of ads they have. They allow users to display text ads, image ads, pop ups, email newsletters, sponsored tweets, image and text ads and few other forms of advertising. 75% of the revenue is for the publishers, which is a relatively good percentage compared to other ad networks. There is also a minimal threshold for withdrawal.

If you are planning to make money with Buysellads, you should know that this platform allows ads from other popular ad networks on your website. In case you have any dilemmas, you can rely on their customer support which has proven to be very responsive.

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