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List Best Google Tools/Website tools 2018

Google has a vast stature in the web browsing fraternity, have you wondered how it got to be the most famous and the most trusted browser around the world. The fact is that Google does not provide only the search engine facility to its clients, but it also provides a variety of many more tools that are used in our daily lives. We use these tools extensively, but we are not aware of their versatility. We have here prepared a list of best Google tools 2018. After reading about these basic tools and their usage, you will be able to use them if you are not and you will be able to use them in a proper way if you are already using them. there are some tools that are not famous enough in general public due to many reasons, but here we have discussed the maximum number of tools in our list of best Google tools 2018.

The first tools out of our list of best google tools 2018 are Google Docs.

Google Docs

Google docs is an important and one of the widely used tools in our List of Best Google tools 2018. You must have used Google documents for sharing your work. People often use Google docs for sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, charts, drawings, and tables. You can give access to edit these documents, or you can also give a read-only version out to the people you want to share the documents with.

Google documents also include sending links of forms that you have created for different surveys; you can collect answers on Google docs of those forms. Google docs automatically create a spreadsheet for those results.

Google double click Ad planner

Google double click ad planner is also one of our tools in the list of best Google tools 2018, this tools is now recently replaced and now is famous with the name of Google display planner, this is basically a Google AdWords sub-tool that serves the purpose of providing  ideas and also gives you an estimation of how to plan a Display Network campaign on the web, that campaign which would you also be able to add to your account or download it if you want to. Display Planner or Google double click Ad planner issues different plans for all the possible ways you can target the Display Network. Implementing these ideas are based on your viewers’ interest or your working page and its topic

Display Ad planner is basically a platform that lets you sell or buy advertisement block on a website. it is a very important tool for marketers, and the general Google users have no knowledge about it that is why we have discussed it in our list of best Google tools 2018.

Google drive

A very famous tool and a familiar one to smartphone users, especially those who are using smartphones with low read-only memories. Google drive allows you to share your personal data and to save it in its drive. Google drive is offered from 5GB’s to 16TB and cost up to 2.5 dollars to 800 dollars per month. The Google cloud drive also offers you free 16 GBs in your smartphones. Google drive is being used extensively throughout the world. You can also get 1 Gb free in Picasa and 10 Gb in Gmail for free.

Google gadgets

Google gadgets are the free gadget tools available at your disposal on your Chrome. These gadgets are made for the benefit of users. These gadgets are further divided into categories. These categories include news, tools, communication, games, finance, sports, lifestyle, technology, and politics. This is also an important tool in our list of best Google tools 2018.

Google Mail (Gmail)

Google mail is also one of the famous tools of our list of best Google tools 2018. Google mail is also one of the famous tools offered by Google and one of the widely used ones too. Google mail has around 1.4 billion users as of statistics issued by the higher authorities in 2018. Gmail was basically created by Paul Buchheit and was launched initially in 2004. It was in its testing phase since 2004, and this phase ended in 2009 after that it was in the market for users as a free tool. Initially, Gmail offered 1 Gb of storage per user but now as the Gmail has evolved the number of Gb’s has become 15 per user. You can receive and send up to 50 MB of data per Email. These include pictures, documents, videos, etc. It is one of the first apps on play store to hit one billion installations on Android phones. As of reports of 2018 Gmail is the widely used webmail in the USA.

Gmail has many features; you can customize your account with your favorite themes, you can add signatures to your email. You can add a profile picture and your basic details in your email account.

Gmail automatically scans your content keeping the privacy of it. No illegal stuff can be sent by Gmail, your account would be blocked by the server, and you would be named as spam.

Google mail is one of the most important tools launched by Google and one of the most used one.

Google places

Google place is also one of the important tools of the list of best Google tools 2018. Google places make easier for users to find places near them according to their search keywords. The places are placed according to the reviews of people and the ratings on them. These places are displayed on the top of the results along with their contacts and ratings.

If you are a businessman or a chain holder you should make sure that you have good reviews on your place so that you can get it listed with Google places. This is also one of the extensively used tools out of the list of best Google tools 2018.

Google +

Google plus is a famous internet-based tool for social networking that is owned by the famous web tycoon Google. Google+ was launched on the same lines as Facebook and was introduced as a social media network for Google lovers. But unfortunately, Google had to redesign it multiple of times because of its minimum response with a comparison to the famous social media platforms like facebook and twitter. Google+ has been announced to discontinue its services after the August of 2019 after which it will shut down completely, currently, since this October it has stopped registering users and has asked its present users to shift their data before the coming August to ensure their data is safely shifted to other sources. This is now an expired tool but was one of the best tools by Google. It should not be in the list of best Google tools 2018, but it has served very well, so we thought of giving an overview about the tool.

Google reader

Google reader was also one of the best tools launched by Google. It was created in 2005, and it discontinued its services in 2013 for the same reason that it discontinued Google+, both of them were accepted less by users due to some reasons, and that is why Google decided to discontinue them. this tool was used for reading documents that were in professional uneditable forms like PDF. List of best Google tools 2018 has google reader in it as it was a great tool with excellent quality of service.

Google Translate

This is one of the most Importantly used tools of this era; translation has become very important in our daily lives. Google translate is one of the tools of our list of best Google tools 2018 because of its worthy services. This tool offers an interface for web, Android and IOS users. Google translate can translate over a hundred languages, and as per recent reports, it is used by more than 500 million users daily. It was first launched in 2006 and then was redesigned and evolved in 2016. Google translate is also one of the widely used apps all over the world. It is majorly used by the tourist fraternity who travel to other countries and are unknown to the foreign language there. They use this tool extensively. It is also offered in-app store.

Google voice

Google voice is yet another powerful tool launched by Google that is why it is in the list of best Google tools 2018 today. It is basically used by people who have low sight and are old, it runs through voice command and acts as said. It is also a multilingual tool that understands over hundred of languages. And then it responds in the same way. You can make calls you can answer calls with Google voice on your android phones. This tool is widely used around the world.


You must be shocked if you didn’t know that YouTube is owned by Google. Yes, Google owns and runs YouTube, the famous video application and website that is used all over the world. YouTube was launched in 2005 initially and after that in 2006 Google managed to buy its stocks and became its parent and since then owns YouTube till date. It serves worldwide and is used by millions of people daily. Not only for fun purpose, but YouTube also manages to serve an important role in news broadcasting and other important videos. Most of the videos on YouTube are uploaded by individuals that have a private registered account with YouTube; these accounts are given to those who are above 18 of age. Other than these users YouTube also gives accounts to the media corporations.

As per recent reports daily more than one billion of video hours content is being watched by the users all over the world, that makes 400 hours of YouTube per minute all around the world. According to sources, YouTube is the second largest used website in the world. YouTube today has started many features which include live streaming, 3D videos, and 360-degree videos. It is one of the most important applications and tools owned by Google that is why it is added in the list of best Google tools 2018.

Google webmaster tools

Google webmaster tool is another important tool launched by the Google authorities for making the following things easy:

Site configuration

This feature will check the settings that you have done on your web. These include Utl parameters, site links, change of address, users that have access to it, and domain settings.

Site health

This section will help you learn about your site’s error, malfunctions, and block URL’s.

Site traffic

This section shows the traffic details and the performance of your website. you can generate more traffic through search engine optimization, and you can also maintain it likewise. Site traffic is very much important to increase if your site traffic is decreasing or is constant for a greater time period, you have to work on it.

Site optimization

This site will help you improve suggestions for HTML, content keywords and other resources.

Overall you can see that the google webmaster optimizes your work and make it better. It is one of the most important tools of the list of best Google tools 2018.

Google Nexus

Google Nexus is one of the widely used smartphones in the world, that is why it is in the list of best Google tools 2018. The phones were launched by Google in 2010, and they came with the basic Google services with them with the android versions.

Google earth

Google earth is one of the best tools launched by Google and is one of our important tools in the list of best Google tools 2018. It gives a 3D view of the earth through satellite imagery. It provides earth navigation to its users. Furthermore, other than Earth navigation, Google Earth also provides a number of extensively used tools through their desktop applications and websites. They also provide additional globe networking and imaging for the Moon and Mars. They also provide a tool for a night view of stars. A game is also included in this tool that is enabled when the connection is lost. Other features by the Google authorities allow users to view photos from various channels that are uploaded to Panoramic view. The website based version of this famous tool Google Earth also includes “Voyager, a feature from time to time keeps on adding program tours, often that is presented by people related to the science and space fraternity.

Google Play

Google play is the most famous tool by Google that is listed in our list of best Google tools 2018. Google play is more commonly known as the Google play store, yes! This is the same built-in tool that comes with our smartphones, and through this platform, we connect through other apps in the market. Google play store was initially released as Android market ten years ago after that it evolved over the time, and now after 2012, it has become the current Google Play that is available in every single smartphone today being manufactured by any android smartphone building company. Google play store has both versions of applications, paid and free.

Then applications available on Google play are millions in number, these applications include music applications, gaming applications, utility applications and books, movie applications and tv shows applications, a news publication and magazines and other device operating applications.

Google Maps

Google Maps is basically a web mapping administrating server created by Google and is one of the most famously used mapping application all over the world and is also a part of our list of best Google tools 2018 . It offers satellite image results, road maps, 360° all-encompassing perspectives of lanes and roads, ongoing movement conditions that includes traffic and signals, and course making arrangements for going by foot, auto, bike, or open transportation like trains and planes.

The google map asks for the destination and the starting point; you can also mark your starting point as your pin location so that it can guide you from the exact point. Google map has voice command service with it which guides the users along with the visual navigation. The voice stays in touch with you and keeps on giving you directions from the starting to the ending point. You can also mute the audio navigation and can use the visual if you want to. Google maps are available worldwide and have all the locations pinned in its server through satellite tracking. It guides you exactly to your destination with the shortest and easiest routes.

Its first era was from 2005 to 2010 after that it evolved into the current Google maps in 2013. It is one of the finest Google launched tools and is used by every smartphone user; its usage is increasing with the changing and developing of cities all over the world. List of best Google tools 2018 has marked it as one of the top-rated tools launched by Google.

Google Search

Google search is also known as Google web search. It is ranked as the number one searching module over the web and is also one of our most top used tools out of the list of best Google tools 2018. The Google search engine is one of the most widely used search engines of the world, not one of them but the number one, and the one having the most usage all over the world; it has around 93% of the market share of the world wide web. The main purpose of Google search is to seek textual content in publicly accessible files offered by using its own net servers, in preference to different statistics that are consisting of photos or facts contained in databases of the server.  Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997 started it, and since then it is being used all over the world. In June 2011 Google brought “Google Voice search” to look for spoken, as opposed to typing, phrases and since then you can also search for stuff using your voice commands. In may additionally 2012 Google brought an information Graph semantic search characteristic within the U.S. that is still not launched worldwide. According to reports Google has around 4.5 Billion users per month.

There are many competitors of Google search; these include Baidu and Sosu.com in the Chinese region. Never.com in the South of Korea, Yahoo in Japan. Bing and Duck Duck Go in the United States of America.

Google pay

Google pay is another famous tool by the Google authorities that has been launched recently after the trend of smartphones increased. This is a virtual wallet inside your smartphones that have the virtual stuff same as your wallet has, these include the credit cards, cash accounts, etc. a user using Google pay can pay online for these services through his smartphone. Your online purchases are also included in these wallets these include the Event tickets that are bought online any plane tickets or any other transport ticket that you have purchased online can be kept safe in your Google Wallet.

You can simply download it from the play store if your smartphone has NFC. It is one of the most important tools that is used today, and that is why it belongs to our list of best Google tools 2018.

Google URL shortener

This is an important tool of our List of best Google tools 2018, and its basic work is to shorten URLs. it was initially launched in 2009 for Google Toolbar and Feedburner.

Google weather

Google weather is also in the list of best Google tools 2018 as it is extensively used throughout the world. This tool is basically used in smartphones. It gives the weather details for the current day and the forecast for the week of your location. The location and the city you are living in would be accessed by the location services of Google, other than that you can add up to many more cities of which you want to know the weather details about.

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