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List of Best Google Tools: 2018 Edition

In this age of advanced technology, the importance  of information to a business ought to never be thought little of. It is a fact that, without the religious following of site business and updates, business is truly lost, particularly with regards to how to enhance the plans and make full utilization of it. For this purpose, a List of best google tools 2018 is prepared for you so that you can make sure your business runs well.

Out of this List of best google tools 2018 Google analytics is the first one discussed in this article after that the general list follows.

Google Analytics

Regardless of whether your website is running as an individual writing blog, news source for people, business or corporate page, or an online shopping business store, Google Analytics is viewed as a fundamental tool for each site what so ever they are. The more you use this latest Google marketing tool, the greater the position you will have in the market.

Google Analytics is a web tool offered by the Google authorities whose purpose is to report website traffic and views of a website readily. You can make objectives and realistic goals following to get a greater number of views and utilize it to enhance your website’s worth, client experience and streamlining for better online deals and events.

Out of such a large number of highlights in Google Analytics, one can easily get to know the source of traffic he is getting on his website whether they are directly searching for your site, or whether they are indirectly falling to your page from a link you have advertised on another site or from social media platforms. In view of the information appeared, you can see whether your presentation on your site has satisfied your viewers or not. This can give a strong message to you that whether the next basic plan must be improved or not and whether your site execution is good enough to stay there and gather views for a longer time period. Google analytics tool is one of the most basic tools out of our List of best google tools 2018. It is widely used by beginners around the world.

Google Data Studio

Google data studio is the second one in our List of best google tools 2018. Google data studio is also an application tool offered by the Google authorities for the presentation of data that shows the website traffic and views of your site. You would be thinking now that why are they providing two tools for the same thing or what is the difference between them. Let us now explain the basic difference between these two data presentation tools.

Google Analytics is offered for the customers who have a mature business setting; Google analytics presents the data source in a little complex way that confuses beginners and is a bit hard to understand. On the other hand, the same results on the Google data studio are presented in the simplest forms of bar charts and pie charts with a given percentage. This information is very easy to understand and new marketers, or businessmen can easily take this opportunity and benefit from it.

Google Search console

This Google marketing tool is also included in our List of best google tools 2018. This tool is for web designers and experts. This tool was previously called Google webmasters tool. This tool was and is still used as an optimizer for your website views, and it also allows you to check the index status. This tool is one of the free marketing tools offered by Google. This tool is very important for the team that is performing search engine optimization SEO of a website. by using this tool, you can easily track the performance of your data, and you can easily understand what the audience wants from you.

Once Google starts tracking your website performance, you will be shown your organic search results along with the performance statistics. This information also helps users to understand the co-working of Google Ads and organic search queries.

Google search console also lets you know the traffic results on the basis of a single keyword, so if you are getting low performance on a certain keyword, you can always go for its SEO. This practice will always increase your traffic where it needs to be increased, hence improving the overall performance of your website. this a very much important tool out of the List of best google tools 2018.

Google My business tool

List of best google tools 2018 also includes Google my business tool as it is also one of the most important tools offered by Google for the business fraternity. Google my business is also one of the free Google tools and is one of the basic search engine optimization strategies offered by Google. This is a very powerful tool that allows a user to sustain their presence on Google search engine and Google maps etc. this tool is very useful in those countries where smartphone trend is at the peak and where people rely on smartphones for small things like browsing and navigations. So in a place like this, your business should be on the top with the correct and useful information about it.

This should be made sure by the tool user that he keeps his business details updated at all times as if you have provided any outdated information you will suffer a loss in traffic. You have to keep your address, phone numbers, and every detail up to date. The updated version of this tools now also allows you to add profile picture and URLs along with other information. This is an important tool of the List of best google tools 2018.

Google Keyword Planner

Our List of best google tools 2018 also includes Google keyword planner and marks it as one of the most important tools in the list. Designing a website without keyword research is a complete waste of time. If you want to reach viewers that are looking for certain keywords extensively more quickly, you should use Google Keyword Planner. Google keyword planner help you extract those keywords that are searched extensively by users on Google. When you find these keywords, you should add relevant content along with them that would help you market your content alongside your keywords.

This is also a free tool offered by Google; you just have to make an account and register yourself with a valid ID. Google keyword planner will help you gather keywords that are the most relevant for your website and the products you are offering. Google gets these keywords from the search history of its database. This data is also very important in the search engine optimization of your website. you just need to provide the relevant text for your website which is catchy enough for the audience or viewers.

Google Tag manager

This tool is also completely free and is also in the List of best google tools 2018. This tool helps you add codes and tags on your websites and your mobile applications for free. You can even add HTML tags and java scripts without changing the back of your site and easily add these tracking tags on them. Many websites have a collection of data that is irrelevant and unreliable; this is because of messing up of codes. Google tags manager resolves this problem and manages all the scripts and codes accordingly.

Google tag manager is being used extensively with the Facebook Ads; Facebook has already integrated with Google and Google tag manager specifically.

Think with Google

Think with Google is yet another tool in our List of best google tools 2018. Think with Google tool is widely used to check mobile speed performance. If you have to rank your site well and on the top, then you should make sure that its loading speed on mobile must be fast and it must be a well-optimized site on mobile phones. To check the ranking and to work on your website on mobile phones, you must use Think with Google. Think with Google will provide you with the performance results and with a recommendation to optimize your site if needed. On mobile phones website, loading time must not be more than three seconds if it is then the viewer will surely move to another site.

You just have to add your web id in the Think with Google checking module, and you will get a quick report in a few seconds. Page speed insight tool is a more advanced tool that works on the same line.

Google page speed insights

List of best google tools 2018 also includes the Google page speed insight tool that works on the same lines of Think with Google but is a bit more complex and advanced version. You can see the performance of your website from this tool on mobile phones. This marks time from the searching of the site to providing a visual while opening, if it is in less than 5 seconds, then your site is said to be performing well otherwise you have to optimize it. Google page speed insights also offer some tips on how to speed up your page; these tips are:  avoid landing page redirects, eliminate render-blocking  Javascript and CSS, enable compression, leverage browser caching, minify CSS, minify HTML, minify Javascript, optimize images on your site, give priority to the visible content, and reduce your server response time.

Google Trend

This tool is also a free tool and one of the tools on our List of best google tools 2018. Google trends help us, user, to understand the new trends around his location and the famous people trending. When you search on Google trends, it shows you results for the famous trends in your location; these include, viral news, videos, and pictures. Also, famous events near you are also shown on google trends, for example, upcoming elections in a country. You can also use Google trends to see the interest of traffic within your circle. With this feature, you can always plan when to launch an event or promotion so that you can get maximum views and response.

Google Alerts

List of best google tools 2018 also includes Google alerts. As the name shows, this tool provides alerts about important information. If you want to stay in the loop for particular event information, you can add up the details in Google alerts, and it will keep you updated about the particular topic. You can also add keywords and get alerts on how much times your keywords have been searched for and what is the overall performance of your website. You can also add the mode of language in which you want the details of alerts. You can also set the time of checking. Whether you want results and alerts on a daily basis or weekly basis or so.

You should not add any general information in Google alerts rather you should add the keywords that have greater density in your website and are the most relevant ones to your product and site.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is also one of the famous tools offered by Google. List of best google tools 2018 includes it in one of the top tools offered by Google. Google Adsense lets you add advertisement blocks on your webpage. For instance that your website is idle and you had worked on it just for a shorter period of time, and after that, it has been remaining in your back pocket so in this type of cases Google Adsense allows you to use your website. You should, and you can make money out of ads that you put on your website so why not do it. If your site is not getting used for any purpose and there is some traffic still on it, you can add advertisement blocks on the top header, footer or the right and left columns of your website. This will make you earn money, and of course, your website will stay alive with loads of traffic and views and would not fade out. The amount you will earn from the ads is not fixed and is dependent on the type of topic your site has and the number of views you get daily.

Google Adwords

List of best google tools 2018 has also listed Google Adwords on the top. If you’re not getting good the  needed amount of traffic, then you must consider going for a  paid search campaign using Google AdWords. This can be done by bidding for the right and required keywords; you can gain a considerate amount of qualified traffic,  where the set conversions will meet or will surely exceed  the amount for your advertisements. You should be sure to use advanced target marketing options for location, mobile or desktop browsers, and other important measures to get the target audience you want.

Google blogger

List of best google tools 2018 includes Google blogger; Blogger is a publishing tool offered by the Google authorities for people who want to start blogging over the web. Using and maintaining an independent blog is difficult for beginners, so Google provides a blogging platform to them that is called Google Blogger. There are many rumors still today and were in the past too that getting directing links on Google-owned properties can help with the indexing of your website and it is a fact, so don’t overlook the power of Blogger. Blogging is a very powerful tool in the marketing world.

Another important tool also listed in our List of best google tools 2018 is a Google blog search, now you would think that how it is different from the regular search bar, it turns the search feed into RSS which is itself a very useful tool. You can use this Blog search to keep up with the tags of your website on blogs and other articles, or you can use this feature also to keep up with your competitors. For instance, if you are looking for guest posts and finding an opportunity of posting, or even seeing what your competitors are doing and what might lead you to some good platforms to start and give a comeback performance.

Google Books

List of best google tools 2018 also include Google Books; Google books are one of the very much important tools by Google. If a person loves reading books, then Google books are one of the best platforms for you. Google books have both paid and free versions. The free books can be read by general users, and for the paid section you have to register yourself and then you can purchase the book and read it. This was the perspective given to you as for a reader. In a marketing perspective, if a person has written a book, then he should post it surely to the Google authorities and get it listed in Google books so that he can capture a very large audience over the web. Google is currently competing in this area with Apple’s iTunes and books feature. Kindle is another competitor of Google, but Google shows less focus towards it as the field lines are a bit different for both of them.

Google Calendar

List of best google tools 2018 includes the famous Google calendar; this is a free tool offered by Google. You can easily make a  download it and use it. Google calendar is used worldwide and has an extensive number of audience. Google Calendar has all the important events saved for you by default according to the country you are living in moreover you can also add important personal events that include birthdays, anniversaries and other events. Google calendar helps you plan your events also and reminds you well before time. Google calendar can also be used by the marketing fraternity as they can use it in coalition with Google alerts.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is also one of the tools of our List of best google tools 2018. Not one of the best but it is considered the best of all. Generally, Google is recognized by the Google chrome. Google chrome is one of the tops most famous web browsers and has earned remarkable acceptance over the time period. Google Chrome is considered to be the best web browsers of all times. People generally around the world mostly use google chrome. But saying generally may be wrong. Google chrome has the highest number of users in the world. Google Chrome has many features that make it different from other browsers, these features make it rise above other web browsers. These features include task managing, one box searches, upgraded tabs, new support for web applications and the most important and trending feature nowadays is incognito browsing. Google chrome is also said to be the fastest browsers in the world and second safest browser in the world. The first safest one is firefox due to some reasons. Around 60% users of the world use Chrome as their default browser; the other 40% is shared by the other group of search engines.

Google chrome provides the feature of having your web page as your home page. You can also change the themes in Google Chrome; Google Chrome also provides a simple jumping game when net connection is not available, Google Chrome by default has some tabs installed which include the youtube, the Gmail, the google store, and the google drive tab. Moreover, it allows you to pin tabs and to use dozens of tabs without breaking down at a time.

Google Chrome is set to be the 2018’s best browser by the web fraternity. List of best google tools 2018 has placed Google Chrome on the top in the list. There are many more tools that are widely used by Google users around the world. One should have general information about them and should know their basic rules. Thankyou

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