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This article is an Online Marketing Guide for Beginners from our team read it carefully if you are new to digital marketing. Digital marketing means the marketing of products and services using modern technology. Today the technology has become more advanced and has taken the marketplace.

The old Marketing tools that were used as a marketing medium in those days didn’t have maximum results, nor they gathered public attention to the extent that today’s tools do.

Old marketing techniques are still used today, but they do not have efficient results and also are costly. These old marketing techniques were newspaper advertisement, door to door visits, phone calls, and emails. All of these techniques are useful, but they do not cater to the mass majority. Their segmentation is very much limited, and they consumed very much time, and manpower and so were costly.

Today Digital marketing has made the business a lot easier as it requires decidedly fewer efforts and quality and guaranteed results. Digital marketing is internet-based marketing using social media and SEO tools.

Due to digital marketing one man can now reach up to thousands and millions of population in his department. People today tend to save time, and they seek results that show a decent effect on their sales.

If you are new to the digital marketing concept, then you should first familiarize your self with the important tools that are used in digital marketing. And Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will help you with it.

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing is done through tools these days. These tools are used in a way that they capture a big market without using the workforce. The first thought that comes to your brain when you think about these tools is that how these tools reach the public. And how it is then different from the old marketing techniques. Our Guide for Beginners will show you how they are different.

Well, digital marketing experts have used these tools in a way that the general public can’t run from their marketing advertisements. The famous digital marketing techniques today are further divided into classes, these are:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • The Search Engine Optimization that is also called SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing that is also called as SEM
  • Pay-per-click advertising that is also the called PPC
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Radio Advertising
  • Television Advertising
  • Mobile Phone Advertising

These are the basic ten types of Digital Marketing that are done today by marketing agencies and business companies. For a beginner, these terms are hard to understand so let us discuss one by one all of these ten Digital marketing types. Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will help you understand these types.

Social Media Marketing

Online Marketing Guide for Beginners section for social media marketing will surely help you understand the concept of social media marketing and its relation to digital marketing; Social media marketing is basically the use of social media to market a product or service; social media marketing is very much important in Digital media marketing as it is one of the highest used tools in Digital marketing.

Today each and every person is surrounded by apps and browsers which provide social media connections to the general public. Excluding the lower class every class today is using social media for different purposes.

The most famous and the most used applications that fall into social media are Facebook and Whatsapp. There are many applications that are helping as a tool in digital marketing. Every single tool has its own specifications and own terms of marketing contracts.

For example, if we see facebook which is widely used all over the world. Facebook shows us marketing advertisements for different brands. Actually, you must have noticed that those adds are in one way or the other somewhat related to your mobile search engine history. For example, if you are the person that loves fashion and you keep on searching Pinterest or any other clothing brand on your phone’s browser, then you will see advertisements for clothes, important brands like Maria B, Baroque and stuff like that.

If you a person who is always looking for second-hand stuff for purchasing and selling his old stuff then Facebook according to your searches will provide you the advertisements related to secondhand shopping, these include OLx and Pak wheels.

You see everything you see on facebook other than your liked pages has a reason to be there on your page. All of that information is provided to you because Facebook knows that you are in need of it.

Furthermore, Facebook is paid to provide boosts in advertisements; you must have noticed that some advertisements stay on the top of your Facebook page for around a week or ten days or so.

These marketing brands have been paying facebook to put their adds on the top so that the public cannot miss it at any cost.

Then you must have seen pop up advertisements on your web browser, WhatsApp app, Careem app or any other app that you use daily. These are advertisements by the company who know what you are looking for.

If a woman has booked a career app, she will surely get a pop-up advertisement of Shan masala or any clothing brand with a coalition with care.

If you are a male, then you will get adverti

sements for the watch brands or OLX or Pak wheels whatever your interests are.

You may not have noticed these things before reading this article, but you will realize after reading this that how much Digital Media Marketing has captured your access.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very important part of digital marketing fraternity. Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing. Content marketing works side by side with the rest of the marketing tools.

For example, if you are searching for visas let say, you will get to see a content written on that particular webpage just like the one you are reading just now!

This content or any other content is put on a website or app for a certain reason. Have you ever thought of a website that has no content available to read? You won’t stay on that page for even a second. Now the time you are going to spend reading an article on a website gives the marketing experts some time, and they take the opportunity by advertising on those pages.

Now that you are reading this you will realize how many advertisements you see when you visit a site. This is a very large marketing tool. In these contents or articles som, times you will see highlighted words or phrases, and when you click these phrases you are redirected to another page this is called link building, this is the link between two websites.

So if you are browsing a website, you are sure to fall in another due to these links. And when you do you are definitely going to read at least and explore what they are offering. Online Marketing Guide for Beginners has give

n details of the content market in the easiest way so that our beginners can learn the basic concept and purpose of content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will guide you about the search engine optimization SEO, so what is search engine optimization. Definitely, as the name itself shows it is something related to search engines. So what are the search engines and how are they an important part of Digital Marketing?

Search engines are the basic unit of web browsers, for example, Google Chrome is nothing with Google which is the search engine of Google Chrome. Search engines are the basic tools that help you answer your queries. Each and every one of us using Google or any other search engine puts up his question to it. This question or search phrase is answered in twenty different ways or twenty different search results, these can be more or less according to the data available with the search engine.

SEO Step-by-Step Guide

So out of these twenty or thirty search results or answers for that matter, a user only clicks or checks the first four or five ones. The other ones are not bothered. This is human nature that you tend to get the easiest and fastest way to solve your problem. Today we are idle to the extent that we don’t even bother scrolling down our mouse for more results but that doesn’t stop the digital marketing experts at all. To make sure you the idlest person of all also checks their product they launched the system of search engine optimization.

Now, what does search engine optimization do? The search engine optimization tool makes your advertisement, your content, your search result, your website, your answers one of the top ones. SEO will make sure that when a user searches for a query, your results are present on the top five ones so that your website or your content can get maximum results and productivity.

Search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing are all connected and make up a fantastic team.

It is obvious that social media tools and search engine optimization together make way for the user to reach your content which is the main source of digital marketing. Online Marketing Guide for Beginners has tried to explain SEO with the easiest approach.

Search Engine Marketing

Our Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will also make sure you get the basic information about SEM. Now let’s discuss the search engine marketing, the search engine marketing works on the same lines as the search engine optimization, the difference is that the SEO is the procedure to Search engine marketing. SEO is free marketing on the basis of keyword traffic generation.

On the other hand, Search engine marketing is paid. Now after your query or search result gets on the top what’s your source of getting market by being the top one. When your search gets on the topmost results you then further go for search engine marketing. Now whatever your search results are the page that you have provided will have some google add words.

Now marketers from all over the industry pay the search engine a set amount of money to display their add on your searched page. These advertisements make sure page catchy and are also a source of income to you as Google pays you to get the adds displayed on your page. Now when the user wants to know more about the product, he would click on the advertisement or the link and will be redirected to another page.

The search engine marketing tool is also a form or pay per click advertisements. And in our Online Marketing Guide for Beginners, we will make sure you understand working correctly and easily. Search engine marketing is the basic source of money-making in digital marketing.

Pay per Click advertising

Our Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will help you understand the complete working of pay per click advertisement, the pay per click advertising works on the same lines as search engine marketing does, the basic working of pay per click is that it pays the website owner the amount set per clicks of users.

This amount is paid by the marketer who has put his link or media add on his website. So search engine marketing is a lump sum amount paid to the website owner for a set period of time, and the pay per click advertisement pays the website owner the price per clicks.

Then comes email marketing, in Online Marketing Guide for Beginners we will also describe the importance of it.

Email Marketing

Our Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will make sure you understand the working of email marketing in today’s market. Email marketing has developed over time. A few years back email was only used as a medium to convey formal messages to offices and to employees. But today things have changed. Email marketing is developed to the extent that even today utility bills are issued on email ids.

Notifications for discount deals are sent on email ids. Today the top brands related to clothing, transport, telecommunication each and every department uses emails for their market. Now, what is the reason to use email instead of phone calls or messages?

The first thing is that emails are a cheaper medium the phone calling and SMS building.

Furthermore, the most important thing is that today you can add links in email messages and notifications which redirect the receiver to the webpage of that brand or the company.

This is a more easy way of sending your message and getting site vies and reviews. Also, the target market is increased, and the traffic on your website also increases due to those links mentioned in emails. Our Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will also tell you about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will help their readers understand the concept of affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is basically the search engine marketing and pay per click advertising phenomenon but the person involved in this just gets the commission. Let us make it easier to understand.

The owner of the website advertises other brands on is a website for that he gets money from them and the medium through both of them are connected to is google adds, now on the back end this person who is setting the add keeps himself away from the market and just provides the advertisement service on your website. the affiliate gets a commission on the basis of per sale made through your add.

Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will provide you with the easiest details regarding digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

Radio Advertising

Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will guide you about digital radio advertising. This practice is done all over the world. You must have noticed the advertisements between your favorite music and news breaks over the FM. Whenever you are listening to radio whether at your home or on the way in your car you will find advertisements between the music breaks.

This is a big medium od digital marketing. This covers the general population, even the poorest man today has a Walkman in his house on which he listens to the news, so radio advertising is one of the biggest advertising mediums of the digital marketing fraternity. Our Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will make sure readers understand the concept of radio advertisement very well and easily.

Television Advertising

Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will allow its readers to understand the concept and use of television advertising. Television advertising captures a large audience all over the world. Today the population of the world has become advanced, and the technology has become cheaper. Every house today has a television in it, and it captures a very large market.

Old people and the men of the house are more interested in news channels, and they get advertisements between news breaks. Children watch cartoons, and they also get to see advertisements in between their episodes. Women of the house are more interested in serials and morning shows, and so they get to see advertisements in the breaks between the programs.

So you see each, and every one of us has access to the Tv advertisements. An important thing you need to know is that channels or media providers get paid by the companies who are advertising for their brands. Overall they capture a large market frame. Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will make their readers capable of learning the basic facts about digital marketing.

Television Ad Marketing

Mobile Phone Advertising

Online Marketing Guide for Beginners will explain the mobile phone advertising importance to their readers. You will be surely thinking that earlier we said that SMS and calls are most costly and are not a part of today’s digital marketing and now we have listed it in our digital marketing lists. You should know, and you will be very surprised to know that the largest target market of digital marketing experts is mobile phone users.

Generally, the thought that comes to our mind is that mobile phones are used for communication, calls, and SMS only, but it is not true. Today smartphone has taken the place of old buttoned handsets.

Every class of society today has access to smartphones today as Chinese companies have made the cheapest smartphones in the world. Now, these smartphones are not only used for calls and messaging. Today mobile phones are used for using social media applications and other service applications.

These apps have advertisements that get direct views from you. You must have noticed when you are using Facebook you get to see a lot of advertisements on your timeline. These adds are there on the basis of your mobile search engine’s history. Then you must have noticed pop up adds on other apps like WhatsApp and career. These apps also have access to your keyword directory of the search engine.

Digital marketing experts can gather this information and can provide you with the related product information on your social media pages and other applications. You must have also received WhatsApp text messages having links and other media advertisements sent to you by different companies; these links can also redirect you to the webpage of those.

So our Online Marketing Guide for Beginners shows our readers that mobile phone advertising is one of the largest tools in digital marketing.

All of these tools make up the digital marketing system our Online Marketing Guide for Beginners has tried to make sure our readers get the complete and the easiest details of what digital marketing is.

Online Marketing Guide for Beginners has made its core purpose of making sure that the new generation related to the business fraternity learns about the major and minor details about the digital marketing concepts and the tools that are used in it.

Online Marketing Guide for Beginners is the first one to give the easiest detail of digital marketing on the web.

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