Google Tag Manager – An Introduction To The Fundamentals

Now you can become an independent Digital Marketer with Google Tag Manager. Master your nerves and defeat all mess about site Tag with this tag manager tool.

What is Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

In October 2012; the Digital Marketing world saw a new tool introduced by the Big G. Google Tag Manager, also known as GTM. So, this tool was developed to help the site owners, webmasters, and Digital Marketers to manage all tag of their websites without touching the hard code at the back end. So, here we share all celebrity’s networth and all list of best free Google Tools through our site.

Why Google Tag Manager necessary?

GTM is like snippets of code or, as quickly as you can say these, are chunks of code. What GTM do with the sites? A simple and short story is, these pieces of code are for the collection of some specific information. Later these pieces of information ought to send to the third party. This tool helps you add codes and Tag.

Now, how Google Tag Manager comes to play?

Shortly, this tool comes to play and manage types of tag. In real, GTM works along google analytics.

Unfortunately, analytics has its practical limitations.

So, a Tag manager is being used to add more insights to your site, which analytics don’t offer.

Have keen insights into the blog/site with GTM!



This tool is being aimed to make the site owner and webmasters become “less dependent” on Developers.

For example, a site owner wants to gather information about his visitors who clicks on individual images. Avoiding becoming dependent on the programmer, Google Tag Manager gives this functionality with readily made tag. Just like a plug & play device and here you go with the desired information.

Here are some real benefits of  using Google Tag Manager:

  1. Less Dependability on web programmers
  2. Available for most of the businesses
  3. Beneficial for mobile apps and AMP sites


As for the quick understanding, some significant parts of this tool are below in the list. This list will also give a brief knowledge of their functionality.

  • Containers – A whole bowl which “contains” all tag you create.
  • Triggers – An Action or event; which takes place on the completion of purpose.
  • Variable – Value that triggers needs to get fired or not.
  • Data Layers involve JavaScript object, which keeps tag separate from site coding.

Why is the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics together?

In the Digital Marketing world, you would come across many tools and apps for ease of work. As mentioned above, analytics has its working boundary and limit.

GTM enhances the functionality of GA

It provides those functionalities which Analytics don’t bid for your site. Checking the fact, Google Tag Manager makes you less dependent on web DEVs, but at some points, assistance from programmers would be required to set it up.


This tool adds some remarkable data insights in front of you. A Marketing Expert should know how to set up it correctly. However, It helps to deeply know about business performance and the behavior of visitors, which they show while accessing the site. Google Tag makes information more realistic and live.

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