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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Professional Tool

Google Analytics analyzer

Be the critical analyzer of your website/ app and lead your business to heights of ranking with comprehensive data insights according to Google.

Google Analytics gives you the freedom to analyze the performance of your business in real-time.

Moreover, it is the official online tool given to webmasters or SEO’s to track the performance of online business easily.

Indeed you can use the track for every detail regarding your business performance in Google search engine.

Right tracking in online business

It gives fruitful insights about your trade. It helps you to determine whether your online business is going on the right track or not.

Remarkably it helps you to motivate yourself to lead your business and make it to its goals.

Is it easy to learn?

Yes, Google Analytics is simple and easy.

However, it does not involve coding or programming skills but the strategy for a successful linkup to your business.

Is it good to Learn?

No such hard learning is required to understand it.

You should be good at analyzing the performance indicators of the business.

Google itself offers webmaster an online certification of it. To be true this certification is necessary to be certified professional of Google.

Plus it enables you to achieve the best jobs for your future.

How it’s important in the SEO field?

When doing SEO, you need some critical analysis and data of your site, which helps you to track the progress of your website.

The importance of analytics of Google can be mapped out in this way that this tool helps you to understand the behavior and interest of your visitors/ customers.

What kind of data does it provide?

It provides accurate information about your website and visitors.  More precisely it gives you the device data through which users navigate your site.

Google Analytics


Website Data:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, or custom period range of visitors information who visit your business
  • The real-time number of active visitors
  • Indicate  bounce rate of your business
  • Mention number of page views  daily/monthly/yearly

Visitors Data:

  •  Show Geography of Visitors
  • Data about device, browser, and operating system of users through which they access your business
  •  Show the Language of your business visitors
  • Sessions created by the Visitors

What qualifications are compulsory to learn it?

Well with matriculation degree and basic knowledge of computer you can learn with Google.

Moreover, if you are managing your online business yourself, then it will be easy to understand.

Is this essential for Online Business?

Yes for a successful business goal it’s necessary to analyze your business performance and flaw critically and it helps you in this regard.


If you want to be a successful campaigner of online business, you should learn analytics. It will help you understand the acute aspects of business progress.

In addition to this, full grip or expertise in Google analytics give you opportunities for freelance or virtual jobs which can also generate a passive income.

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