30 Facebook Marketing Tips (That Actually Work!)

Here are 30 Facebook Marketing Tips given by our team in this report. Facebook marketing has become one of the topmost used tools in social media marketing. Facebook has made marketing very easy and at your doorstep. The use of marketing with Facebook has become very much popular over the years as Facebook helps you in the segmentation of the audience you want to target. Facebook helps you gather information, Facebook targets demographically and gathers the info about age, location, education, and interests that you have mentioned in your profile.

On the basis of this information, you are advertised. Facebook also sets ads budget and runs campaigns for a certain time period for which you have to pay for. There are many marketing tips related to Facebook marketing, but here we have gathered the top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips for our readers, we hope you will find them useful in marketing your product or services.

30 Facebook Marketing Tips must be read carefully by our readers, and then they should use them in their business. These marketing tips include:

Optimize Your Profile Picture

Now you would think what is profile picture optimization, actually to optimize your profile picture means that you make the most effective use of your profile picture for your customers or viewers. Your company or your brand should have a distinct logo. This logo should also be attractive, and this is also one of the 30 Facebook Marketing Tips. The attractive logo attracts the eyes of viewers as it gives a catchy look. Setting your logo as your profile picture is the best way to optimize your brand in your profile picture.

The logo should be made professionally and must be of high-quality pixels; a minimum of 720 pixels is recommended so that when the picture is shrunk to the small size, it does not blur out and remain catchy and clear to the viewers. The size that is recommended by our expert team is 180px by 180px. You must have seen many brands who have set a very attractive and catchy profile picture that attracts viewers, one of them is Beats.

Choose the correct cover photo

Choosing the correct cover photo is a part of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips. The Facebook cover photo and video are one of the most important parts of your Facebook profile. Your cover photo must be delivering some message or hint about your brand image and offerings. It should have a positive impact on the mind of the viewer. Only then he’ll scroll down to the details.

The cover photo must not be a blur and should also be designed professionally in high-resolution quality so that when increasing or decreasing the size of your cover photo it does not blurs out. The correct and the recommended size by our experts is 828px by 315px. Your profile picture and your cover photo must be related to each other and should convey an absolute relation in the eyes of the viewer. They both should fit together like the lock and key model.

If your team is planning on using cover video instead of the cover photo, then you should make sure that the video does not exceed one minute or 60 seconds, the smaller the video be, the greater the number of viewers would it attract. And it would gather more attention. Small videos are attractive in comparison with longer video clips. You can also show your company culture in your profile cover.

Consider adding a Call-to-action feature on your cover photo

Our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips also include adding a call-to-action feature on your Facebook pages. Your cover photo takes a huge part of your Facebook profile. One can use it by adding a multiple of features in it. You can add a like button in your cover photo area. This will encourage viewers to click like button after which they will automatically follow your feed. You can also add a follow button for your viewers.

Moreover, the Facebook authorities have added a new feature in a cover photo area that is Add a button tab; this allows you to set command in your Facebook cover area, this can be a direct calling number. you can add many functions that would help you in marketing your brand on Facebook. People today are using this feature and are getting maximum responses. These options in add button tools include Book services, Get in touch, Learn more, Make a purchase, make a donation, download an app, and download a game.

Fill in Your Facebook Business Bio Completely

Filling your profile properly and providing business bio completely is one of the top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19. Facebook gives you a very wide range of extensions to fill your business biography. This type of detailed information is not provided with any other app. The major step in setting your business page on Facebook is filling your business bio completely.

Facebook has divided the information panel into parts. The first part of your business information should include the starting date of your business, your company’s mission statement, your contact information which includes mobile numbers and emails, and links to your web page.

The next part of the Facebook bio panel gives your customers the details of the business you do or the services you provide; this part should include a short description telling about your company, a basic overview of your company, some general information about the products and services you provide.

The last part of the Facebook business bio panel must be used carefully. In this tab you have to add a short story related to the history, working, service providing, cooperate social responsibility of your company. This should be a catchy content, and a reader must get interested after reading it, it is also one of the most important tips out of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips.

Use must use the tabs provided by Facebook to manage your content

The new updated features of Facebook include the changing of the Fb tabs from the top to the left side of your Facebook page. That is why it is also one of the important tips out of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips. Facebook tabs help us to organize our profile information in a way that makes it easier for users to view only the type of information they want to see.

These tabs include Home tab, Posts tab, Reviews tab, Videos tab, Photos tab, the about tab, and the community tab. The viewer can decide what information he wants to see and can click the tab accordingly after which he lands onto the details of that tab. There are also some pre-made tabs by Facebook which can be added on your own choice from the settings section.

These tabs include photos tab, contact tab, events tab, Ads tab, and live video tab. You can also build your own new tabs according to your needs.

Share your best content

Our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips says that you should add the best content on your Facebook page. You will notice if your views or shares have stopped or have declined over the time, this means that the content provided by you on your page is not catchy enough and it is not attracting people towards it nor is it delivering a message to people.

You can see the past experience of companies that what type of content attracts customers and then you can add that type after making your own. You can also try new content types that would help you in more engagement of clients over the time period.

Mix up unlinked posts

People like to spend more time on Facebook today; they want the information available there along with the gossips and entertainment Fb provides the. So if you add up links that would redirect them to the browsers, there is a chance that they will stop engaging to your Fb page and you will lose views.

It is recommended by our experts that you should add unlinked content on Facebook that is catchy enough and that provides detail information about your products and services that you are providing so that the viewer gets all the available information from one page. However, if your purpose is to generate website traffic, then you should add linked posts. This is one of our key tips out of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips.

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Stay in touch with Facebook updates

Facebook keeps on frequently updating, so it is recommended by our expert team that you stay in touch and well aware of these updates so that you can change the position or format of your content accordingly this is one the most important part of Facebook marketing and an important tip of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips.

Plan your post with the help of Facebook event calendar

A businessman running a company must have some plans ahead of him which he has to implement over the time period. These plans may be new launches or sales on upcoming events. These events may be religious, political or historical. New updates on your business must be added on the calendar before there implementation so that you can run a promotional campaign before the launch of the new idea or the new plan. Facebook will remind you and offer a new plan before the upcoming of your new event.

Facebook Events Calendar

Set your goals for marketing on Facebook

If you depend on Facebook for the marketing of your brand that means you have some expectations from the platform that is why you are sticking to it. If you really want to increase the current number of viewers or customers of your brand then your goal should be to increase the followers of your page, you should keep a regular check on your increase or decrease of followers.

Use annual data to set goals for next year make sure you increase the output results from the last year, don’t rely on constant results you will eventually end up ending in decline. Be realistic and make realistic goals. Don’t overburden your company and move at a normal pace that would not affect you financially and mentally. Stay focused and determined.  The most important tip out of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips.

You should establish your voice and tone on Facebook

When marketing on Facebook, it is important that you establish your voice of Facebook, your tone should be in favor of your customers and the viewers. It means that no matter how much tough time a company is facing the tone of it must always be fun and free of tensions. Your internal problems should not go out to your customers. Customers should blindly trust your tone. Being professional doesn’t mean that you become rude so make sure you are always generous towards your customers.

Create a group on Facebook

Making a group is one of the upcoming marketing trends on Facebook. It allows you to add customers in one place and update them with the latest news.

Making a group includes finding a keyword that is mostly searched by the clients and add up topics and discussions related to them. The group description and the statements must be updated at all times. One should keep a steady stream of content related to the topic trending in his group. The admin should not lag with the same info or details or news for a greater period of time. The audience must be updated with new offers and plans. You can create the group on Facebook from the settings tab. Making a group on FB is one of the most important tips of the top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips .

Add Facebook video posts

Video posts have become a new trend on Facebook since 2016; people are interested in video posts more than textual posts nowadays. So you have to try adding video posts on your profile. It would definitely attract more viewers, and you will get more following. Don’t link your videos to YouTube as it gives a bad impact; moreover, Facebook has stopped accepting

YouTube video links for the last few months. Make sure your videos are not more than one minute or maximum ninety seconds as also told above. People like short videos having a detailed message in them. Post relevant videos to your company and business, don’t get into funky or irrelevant stuff it gives out a bad image, and it seems unprofessional. This is one of the newest and most useful tips of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips .

Go live on Facebook!

Sine 2016, Facebook has launched the feature of Facebook live. This feature allows its users to get in touch with their friends and followers through video. One can start a live video through the live video feature on Facebook and can convey his message or promotion to the people he’s connected to. Facebook’s live usage has been recorded as more than 300% since its launch in 2016.

While using Facebook live one should find a quiet place to sit before broadcasting. You should keep your camera steady because no one likes a blurry video. Keep the video simple, and to the point, people don’t have time to waste. Our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips have made FB live one of the most popular tips out of all.

Post on FB with images

Images give an attractive look to your post; you can see for yourself that whenever you see a post with the picture you tend to stop and read it, that is why we have included this in our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips. The pictures with the post must be relevant to the post itself and must be catchy enough to gain public views. You can also post Facebook albums of your upcoming launches.  This is also one of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips.

Optimize links

You can make better use of links you add to your texts. Add short terms in links, and you can also add links to photographs but make sure the photographs are of high quality. Links can also be directed to catchy posts and useful information for the viewers, just keep one thing in mind that the viewer must not feel that his time is being wasted after opening those links. This tip is one of the most important top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips.

Target Your Audience With Each Facebook Post

You can also target an audience for a certain post. But you can only use this feature if you have more than 5000 followers. With the help of this feature, you can get a more targeted market.

Don’t post across other social media channels

You must have seen the new trend these days that people often share the tweets of famous celebrities or personalities on Facebook. This should not be done in the marketing perspective as it kills the importance of the product itself. You should not cross-post between other social media engines. It portrays a bad image to buyers. Write new posts and make them presentable with the above-mentioned tips.

If you are cross-posting, you will face some problems other than the disinterest of people. These are limited textual data as some of the famous social media channels allow a limited amount of text, this includes Twitter. If a person is following you on both the channels, he will get bored by seeing the same post on different platforms. Top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips, won’t allow you to cross-post ever.

Add an event that people would want to attend

Facebooks event must be added more often. Due to these events, you get connected to the audience and customers more easily as interest builds up when you introduce an event. These events must have links that would show the users the address, the contact, the ticket details and other major details necessary for attending the event. Top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips have given this tip the highest acceptance.

Post on Weekends or Holidays

People often use social media on holidays and weekends more extensively. So you must post new things and offers for them according to our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips, the audience should get something new when they are surfing on Facebook in their free time.

Post more often

It is recommended by our experts after studying the nature of social media marketing on Facebook. A marketer should at least post one post per day. And should most around two to three times on the weekend. This will capture more audiences says our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips page.

Arrange a contest and gifts

Top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips include arranging a contest on Facebook, which consists of sharing your post maximum times and recommending it to maximum people. Add a gift or offer for the winner which is catchy enough that people take part in it extensively. You should also set a time limit for registration in the contest and then in the participation. This will increase your views by thousands if your prize is worth fighting for.

Get yourself affiliated with influences

Top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips include that today one should make a partner that has a great influence on social media. This will help you promote your page more extensively and quickly as his followers will follow your brand at the same time. We can see many examples of Vloggers and pranksters on Facebook who have millions of people following them.

Start tagging

You should start tagging people and famous companies in your post; this will also increase your views as those who are following the tagged personalities will also get to see your posts so this is also one of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips.

Facebook is one of the major marketing tools these days, and you should definitely learn about the new features it is introducing. Further, you should follow our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips. You can also read our article.

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