Install Samsung Drivers On Pc With One Click

I have seen that many Samsung users have issues with the installation of their device drivers especially for windows users. Many will download the original Samsung drivers (Samsung kies) on Samsung’s blog and install it but only to find out his/her device is not recognized by the PC to be used.
I came across this challenge when I wanted to flash a custom recovery to my friend’s Samsung Note 3. I am glad to tell you that your issues will be addressed in this post on SanxyNet and you will see that knowledge is truly great.

Please don’t  wasted your time, data downloading any Samsung drivers from their website because your Samsung device won’t get detected by your PC.
I have uploaded the drivers I used to a storage host for anyone interested to click and download.
Samsung is yet to fix the bug that doesn’t allow Samsung device to be detected by window Pc after installation of Samsung Kies.

Where To Download and Steps For installation of Samsung Drivers

==> Download Samsung Drivers here /Size 8.9MB

==> Run the setup for installation

==> Plug your Samsung device to install and setup all installation instantly.

The above steps seems easy and straight forward right? Yes I know, it will save you unnecessary headache of not getting your device detected by your PC.

Enjoy and I will later make a post on how to install custom recovery on Samsung devices will be published.

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