Infinix to launch a Smart watch Bluetooth Headset And A pair Of Earphones

Odimexy says ;Infinix will not be ignored as the Apple, Samsung and the other mobile titans are venturing into wearables. To show they can rub shoulders with the big boys, they’ve just launched a smartwatch (or smart bracelet as they call it) called the Xband. At first glance, the most interesting thing about this accessory is that that you can detach what’s supposed to be the watch face, and use it as a bluetooth headset instead. A transformer, of sorts.Like (m)any fitness watch(es), it works best as an appendage to your phone. It also monitors the usual metrics like steps, distance, estimated calories burnt, allows you set and share goals on social media and lasts 7 hours (they said). It has an IP Code of IP55. To break that down, it means it’s almost completely dust-resistant (the first 5), and it can withstand a jet of water sprayed at it from any direction for up to 3 minutes (the second 5) without getting damaged. Should you choose to buy it, I shouldn’t have to (but I feel like I need to) say, don’t try this at home.I haven’t gotten a chance to actually use the Xband. At least, not yet, and Infinix hasn’t said how much it will cost, but my estimation is in the early twenties. Infinix was smart to not tie the Xband to their own smartphones, so anyone with an Android device can purchase and use the “smart bracelet” through the Xband app I just found on thePlay Store.Second on their list is a pair of noise cancelling headphones called the XEo2. It’s the second in the series, and Infinix says it promises “an automatic noise cancellation quality (IC) of 95%”. None of that matters until you actually use it, so I’m going to hold my tongue. For now.

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