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There are many ranking systems used to determine the relevance and authority of some website. One of these systems is the so-called Page Rank which was designed by Google. This system is not something new and that’s why webmasters and web designers and developers had time to analyze what determines the page rank and what they can do to boost the page rank of their online presentation. The fact is that websites with higher page rank get better positions in the search engine result pages especially on Google. This ranking system starts with 0 or PR0 and ends with 10 or PR10. Obviously, Google has a Page Rank of 10.

Page Rank

To put it in simple words, Page Rank is a system used by Google to rate the popularity of websites and blogs. If there are other websites and blogs that have links that point to your website (backlinks) then your site is popular and relevant. Whenever someone posts content with a link to your website, your Page Rank increases. However, many website owners make the same mistake and focus only on this activity to boost page rank. Owners of successful websites can confirm that they get hundreds of requests of low-PR website owners. They want a backlink to improve page rank.

Since many people have started abusing this method, Google has decided to include other factors when ranking a website in the search engine results. Of course, Page Rank is still important and this is the reason why you should spend some time looking for ways to improve it. If you are one of those webmasters who want to know How to improve Page Rank quickly you should continue reading this article because we will provide some methods that really work.
To start with, the domain name plays important role in the overall PR of any website. Try to buy a domain name that is suitable for your business/industry. For instance, if you are offering computers on your website try to use the word computers in the domain name. Of course, even if you have already bought the domain name without thinking about this, there is no room for panic because there are other elements that affect page rank too.

Besides baclinks, you should take care of internal links because they affect your website’s ranking too. So, whenever you post content that is somehow connected to some previous publication you should include a hyperlink that points to that page. This activity is known as internal linking.
Another good advice about how to improve page rank is to use proper keywords. Use several keywords in every article you publish and on your website content in general. The ideal keyword density is between 2 and 5 percent. Remember that using too many keywords can bring negative effects to your PR.

Finally, spend some time on building backlinks. Create unique content that is shareable, ask other website owners for guest posting, use links to your website on forums and discussion boards or simply buy backlinks (keep in mind that this practice might break some of the Google policies).

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