HyperX Headset | Gaming Headset Review 2022

The HyperX wireless headset we tested is the HyperX Cloud Core wireless gaming headset. These well-built headphones have a snug fit and a slightly deep sound profile that helps emphasize sound effects in action-packed games.

The featured mic has impressive recording quality so your voice sounds clear and rich when you talk to your teammates. It is decent to isolate your voice from background noise so that the person you are speaking to can hear you even if you are playing in a relatively noisy environment.

They work with companion software that allows you to adjust the microphone level and activate the 7.1 surround sound function, and their wireless USB dongle ensures very low latency. Their continuous battery life of around 30 hours is great, and you can even use them to receive audio while charging.

Hyper x Headset

The first time you use the HyperX Cloud headset, you will find that after adjusting the strap, it seals against your head very well, which is important for two reasons:

  • A good seal means your headset not to bump when you move or slide your head down as sweat builds up
  • If you want to block out the noise around you, a good seal for insulation is essential

Hyper x Cloud Core Gaming Headset Product Review


The Cloud Core 7.1 is the typical gaming headset with a strong design language and several elements that appeal to the targeted segment. It has a metal hinge that looks solid and guarantees you the quality and durability of the helmet. The neck strap has thick padding and is comfortable to wear.

The featured large ear cups on this headphone would capture your eyes, both of which have HyperX branding on the back. Your logo makes the helmet fashionable. The ear cups are also well-padded and comfortable. HyperX has managed to keep the clamping force under control so that the helmet is neither too tight nor too loose.

At the bottom of one of the headphones, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack that can be used to connect the detachable microphone included in the scope of delivery.

Product Specification

HyperX managed to read the specs like a Bose or Shure headset without costing the same. The drivers in these are 53mm so you know the bass is punchy, with a difference between each beat, while the highs and lows are separated from the mids at all times.

Thanks to the wider frequency range of 15 Hz to 25,000 Hz, these 53mm speakers offer decent sound stage performance that is measured at less than 2% and the nominal impedance is approx. 60 ohms per system. All of this results in almost audiophile stereo sound reproduction in a gaming headset – nothing else on the market today offers this kind of sophistication.

It uses two 3.5mm plugs, by the way, which can be converted into a single input socket if necessary. Finally, the Audio Control Center allows you to make all the adjustments in a snap, so you can play as you like.

Extra Features

The HyperX Cloud Core 7.1 does not offer any software support, which limits the headset’s capabilities. For example, there is no way to adjust the EQ settings or even change the playback profile, so you have to rely entirely on the audio output settings.

However, there is an option to upgrade to 7.1 surround sound which will improve your gaming experience a bit, and the USB remote control also allows you to adjust the volume and microphone levels.

Pros and cons of the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

Pros of HyperX cloud gaming headset

  • The microphones are sharp and clear, and even pick up low decibel speech with no background noise.
  • The full set of accessories is a nice touch as you don’t have to buy anything separately. The microphone is separate from the main headset so it can also be used as an mp3 headset.
  • The audio controller has a 100 cm cable, but if that is not enough you can always extend it with the additional 200 cm cable or use it separately.

Cons of the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

  • One of the downsides of the HyperX gaming headset is the lack of customization options, especially when compared to gaming headsets from other brands like SteelSeries, Razer, or Logitech.

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The HyperX Headset Review Compared to Other Brands

Build Quality

HyperX makes rugged headphones that feel tough enough to withstand constant, repeated use. Even their low-end models feel they will survive multiple falls.

Versatile Game Designs

Not only are HyperX headsets great for gaming, most also have a detachable microphone for occasional use with your mobile devices on the go. None of the models we tested have an in-line microphone to take calls on your phone, but some have a detachable cord, so any in-line remote should do the job.

Super Microphone Quality

The microphone quality of most of the HyperX headphones is excellent. They accurately reproduce your voice and separate sound from speech well enough to be used in competitions and in noisy environments.

HyperX primarily makes wired gaming headsets with great microphones and rugged build quality. HyperX headset product offers a great gaming experience. However, not everyone finds the wired design so practical, and their headset also lacks customization options compared to other brands.


The HyperX Cloud Core +7.1 gaming headset may be the perfect headset for those new to gaming and also those looking for entry-level products. It’s a sturdy headset that covers all the basics like good sound quality, long-lasting comfort, and a microphone. You won’t find too many options at the price level that offer both 3.5mm jack and USB connectivity anyway.

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