HP About To Unveil 16gb chrome book With VR support

Odimexy Says ;
   HP may change the way we see
Chromebooks with this alleged upcoming
model, HP Chromebook 13 G1. Although
nothing is official yet, a leaked
specifications sheet found on HP’s website
gave away all the specifications

At the time of the report, the PDF document has
been removed from their server.
Here’s a screenshot of the specifications
sheet from a Reddit thread:
A 16GB Chromebook is indeed a big deal
but we’re not sure yet how soon it will
released. For a Chromebook to support
Virtual Reality, it must have a great deal
of graphic processing power and we’re
not even sure Chrome OS is capable.
reports claim Voltage Regulator is what is
being mistaken for Virtual Reality.
The upcoming Chromebook will support
USB Tyoe-C charging. The screen size
stands at 13.3-inches and optional
resolution of 3200 X 1800 or 1920 X 1080
is expected. Depending on configuration,
available processors range from Intel Core
M7-6Y75 to Intel Pentium 4405Y. A 32GB
internal storage is what we found on the
specifications sheet.
As for the pricing, nobody knows how
much it’s going to be sold and we’re not
even sure when the Chromebook will be
made official.

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