How To Turn Your Laptop Into A Wireless Hotspot

How to turn your laptop into a wireless hotspot
Did you know you can use your laptop to share its wireless network connection, allowing you to turn it into a new wireless hotspot? It’s easy to do, and it lets you connect other devices to the network via your laptop.

It’s also handy if you have an ageing router whose wireless prowess is fading. Most laptops have decent Wi-Fi adapters in them, and by hooking your laptop to your router via an Ethernet cable, you can create a powerful Wi-Fi network that can reach the furthest corners of your home.

If you’re abroad and the hotel offers a wired internet connection you could connect your laptop to it, create a hotspot and then connect your smartphone to the new wireless network. This will allow you to browse the internet without incurring roaming charges. But the best thing is it’s not only easy, it’s also free.

1. Get the software

How to turn your laptop into a wireless hotspot
To turn your laptop into a wireless hotspot, we’ll be using the free software WIFI Router. First you’ll need to download it.

When prompted ‘Save’ the program, then when it’s downloaded select ‘Run’.


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