How to speed up your laptop?

For the speed up your laptop first you need to know what is slow down some of the cases are uninstalling application junk files and checking there is no viruses and doing the laptop speed you need to increase RAM and SSD.

speed up laptop

Keep for your laptop software updated these are all in application and drivers and USB drivers and window also regularity updated. Increase your laptop speed using CC Cleaner to clean the unnecessary files clean daily viruses and other malware use in run command “%temp% to open unnecessary files to cut by self or watch below video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi for how to speed up your laptop.
Uninstall unwanted programs in your laptop there a lot number of application for unused in your laptop and this unused application effected on your pc speed performance so watch below video we are highly requested to remove OR uninstall not use able application or software all you need to uninstall by using control panel.
When you using internet and the backup have some cookies and occupy files is auto saved in your laptop so you need to delete these unwanted temporary files and cookies its highly effected on your laptop to slow down speed performance and always used by click on c drive open properties and hit on disk cleanup button for more watch below video.
The other solution is you need to perform dis defragmentation to clean your laptop and its take an hour or more than time to complete the process.

Speed Up your pc or Laptop in Urdu and Hindi Video tutorial.

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