How To Revoke Sent Messages Aold Status On Whatsapp

Perviously i wrote that WhatsApp is rolling out an option to revoke sent messages: 

The feature is present on the beta version of WhatsApp 2.17.83, but it’s not enabled.

To enable it you’ll need root access.
You’ll need:

• The latest version of WhatsApp beta (2.17.83)
• Root access
• WAtweaks

How To Enable this Feauture

• Download Wattweaks

• Install and open the app, grant it root access
• Force close WhatsApp (Settings>Apps–>WhatsApp> Force Close)

• On the Watweaks application, select Enable revoke
• Open WhatsApp and you can now revoke messages.

To use it, send a message to someone, before the person reads the message, hold the message, press the vertical three dots menu and select unsend.
WhatsApp will ask you if you want to unsend the message, accept and the message will be unsent.

Note that if you unsend a message you won’t be able to view the message and the message won’t be deleted, it’ll just show “this message Has been unsent” for both participants.


Before you start sending rubbish messages to test…
you can only unsend messages (for now, till WhatsApp enables it officially) if the person also enables the service.
If the service isn’t enabled on the person’s phone it’ll show “this message has been unsent” on your device but the person will still be able to read the message on his device.

How to enable the old WhatsApp status
To enable the old status (not the Snapchat clone)
On the home page of the watweaks application, select “enable old status (info)”
Then restart WhatsApp.
The old status is now known as Info (on Android)
On iOS it’s known as Tagline.
When it’s activated it returns to it’s Normal position but it’s called info instead
You can change the privacy settings also in WhatsApp settings.

How to revert to the old WhatsApp UI
If you’re like me and you don’t like the new WhatsApp UI you can disable it if you’re using an Android device and have root access.

On the Watweaks application, click the hamburger menu (just press menu), select “WhatsApp Tweaks” from the sliding menu and select “Disable new UI (Status)” then select Save.
Restart your WhatsApp and it goes back to normal pre-Snapchat clone.

For iOS users you can do all these if your device is jailbroken, just download WAtweaks from the Big boss repository on Cydia.

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