How to increase your affliate earnings

It may not be strange but the truth is, in such a time like this, you need to understand how Konga and Jumia Affiliate program works. This post is directed to all Jumia and konga affiliate partner and it will allow you to earn more money if you simply apply it..

Do you know you can increase your affiliate earning by simply making use of Deep link generator. You can simply pick a product on Jumia or Konga, review and attach your link then it will do magic of increasing your earning for you.

How Can I Generate Deep Link?
For Jumia,
==>Simply log in to your affiate dashboard
==>Click on admedia by the left and scroll down to tools
==>Click on Tools>>>Deep Link Generator.  A new page will open

==>Add your affiliate ID in the first box and past the link of the product landing page you want then click on “Create Custom DeepLink”.

It will be created, copy the url and past it as a link to that product on your site.
For konga
==>Login to your konga affiliate platform here
Take note of your unique affiliate link which is something like this
The most important thing you should take note of is this your affiliate ID /?k_id=anything 
Take for instance, if I want to add my affiliate link to this product below
I’ll just add this parameters that track your sales which is /?k_id=anything like this you are good to go.
It’s so easy and so simple and I believe newbies in affiliate program will find this  post useful.
If you are still confuse, kindly drop your questions using the comment form.

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