How to Create Blogger and start blogging Basic to Advance?

How to create Gmail?
‘Google mail’ or ‘Gmail‘ is a web-based e-mail account in which emails are put in on the internet besides on your computer. Online email can be a flexible option as you are able to entree emails from any computer that is internet memory access – e.g., at net cafés – anyplace in the Earth.

How to Create Gmail Account video tutorial in urdu and hindi?

In this guide, we’re going to show into the below Video tutorials you how to get started with email by creating an account in Gmail.

How many way to use gmail account in Urdu and Hindi Full Video tutorial?

After Creating g mail id and start using Gmail with this Gmail ID and you are able to log in, Google Webmaster tool, Google analytic, Google feed burner, Google YouTube, Google keyword developer, Blogger Dashboard,

blogger basic to advance full course in urdu and hindi
7 in one use G mail id watch below video.

How to install, Change and Setup Blogger theme in urdu and Hindi?

How of import a template is for a blog. After making a blog a blogger should, first, change the default option template & acquire a customized one. I am not saying the default theme is badly, but if stuffs like search engine optimization, professional appear etc are into your condition then apparently you’d need to switch to a custom template. For more info watch below video.

How to change blogger theme?

How to setup blogger Header and footer area with important links?

How to set up basic and primary Settings in the Blogger?

For a newcomer bloggers it possibly putting off on however to fix a blog, what are the settings to be built. This quickly tutorial allows you to set up your Blog Title, Blog verbal description and Meta verbal description and the basic most importantly allowances you should build to your blog in just few minutes watch below video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi.

How to Add Multiply author or Admin, Or web Partner?

How to Change Date, Language and Time Zone of Your Blog?

This is as well among the most of import fields of your blog. A lot newcomer bloggers do not adjust or leave to set the language and time-zone settings of the blog. You need to aspect these settings too its better for SEO.

By default option language and time zone is set to English (UK) and (GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time severally. You are able to change language according to your country and time zone. It’s better for Google webmaster tools for more information watch video with practical work in Urdu and Hindi.

How to Set optimized Search Preferences for Your Blog?

This is the most significant adjusting for your blog. If you have not set your blogs search predilections, it’s the right time to set SEO because it impacts your blogs visibleness on most democratic SEs like Google and Yahoo.

Enter description of your blog. It’s always advised that your blog description should be set to 150 to 160 characters long but in blogger you are able to enter only 150 characters.
Your blog description ought to be crucial to your niche. Watch below video for how to change SEO, enter and save.

By this way you are able to set your Blog’s Meta Description.

How to Add Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger?

Robots.txt is a simple document that moderates few lines of write in code. By default on Robots.txt file is saved on the internet site or blog’s server which instructs the web crawlers to indicator and front crawl your blog in the search results.
SEs boot values robots.txt file and scan before crawl any web page of your blog or internet site. If you restrain any web page in your robots.txt, that page cannot acquire indexed by SEs.

How to Set customized Robots Header Tags in Blogger?

I hope you’ve successfully set robots.txt file for your blog. Now you’ve to set custom robots header tags in blogger.
This new boast is inserted by blogger’s developer to improve our blog’s visibility on SEs. This tool plays a very of import role in SEO.

Now watch below video tutorials to steps to accurate robots header tags adjusting.

I hope you’ve done all the settings discovered in these articles. If I’ve dropped anything, please write below in comment part.

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