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Google AdWords – A Complete Overview

A Complete Overview to Google AdWords for 2018-2019


Here is a complete overview is given by us for Google Adwords to ensure that our readers get the detailed information about the working and importance of Google AdWords in digital marketing. Here in Google AdWords – A Complete Overview we will give you the brief history of google ads, its evolution and its importance in the marketplace nowadays.

Google Adwords is basically a medium of the advertisement provided by the famous search engine, Google. This platform was developed by Google in the year 2000, and it was named as Google Adwords. It was established for the business community where marketers and company heads paid Google the charges for their advertisement. These advertisements were of basically new products, service offerings, mobile packages, and video content.

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview shows that the Google AdWords is basically based on cookies and keywords that are proposed by the advertiser himself. Now, these cookies or keywords are basically related to the type of advertisement a marketer wants to present. Now when these files and words are proposed to Google, it looks in its database for pages that would be relevant to your type of advertisement.

Google contacts with those website owners who are listed as relevant to your advertisement. These are also called partner websites, these owners or partners get a commission or proportion of the total amount paid to Google by the advertiser.

Google adds application has evolved over the last 18 years and now they have become the main and major source of Google’s income. According to reports of 2017 Google generated around 95 US billion dollars through advertising. This makes more than 70 percent of Google’s total revenue.

In Google AdWords – A Complete Overview you will get to know that Google offers a pay per click model that sets the price of views per click. In the early years when Google started advertising it charged a monthly fee to the advertiser and ran his campaign for that month, but now this method has also been evolved by the Google top authorities. Now the advertiser has to pay per view of customers.

The Google program adds include distribution of local, international and national brands from throughout the world. Google advertisements today are of different types, they may be video content, they may be audio content, they may be pictures, or they may be simple words text. But all of these types have different rates per views. Google AdWords – A Complete Overview, tells us that the textual advertisements cost less and the number of words is limited, and you cannot convey a large message in the textual advertisement. Most advertisers use this type for notifying their sale packages or upcoming event’s teaser texts.

According to our Google AdWords – A Complete Overview , Google Adwords allows you to give up to thirty characters in headings and up to eighty characters in the text description. They also allow a display of 40 URLs in the textual advertisement. Google Add picture and video sizes are different with respect to websites. As recent reports reveal, Google in 2018 has derived around 86%  of its total revenue from advertisements.

In July this year, Google rebranded the famous Google Adwords and turned it into Google Ads.

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview will also give you the complete information about the features of Google Ads. In addition to controlling ad settings through targeting audiences based on the language of the users and the location of the viewer, language usage ad placements can be done after excluding IP addresses. This new feature has enabled advertisers to exclude their specified IP addresses if they do not want their advertisements to appear on those IP’s. Advertisers can exclude up to 450 to 500 IP address ranges per campaign.

Adword Express

This feature “Adword Express” was previously called as Google Boost. Adword express allows small business parties who do not have web pages to use this facility by directing them their customers to Google place page. Google Adword express automatically manages keywords and ad placement on websites, but remember this feature is only for small businesses.

Google Partners

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview shows our readers that Google partner is a position with the Google ad company which a business party can hold to if he passes the exams set by the Google Adword society, these exams include search advertising, display advertising, Video advertising, shopping advertising, and telephone or mobile advertising.

Google academy for ads takes these exams now from this year. previously the exam department was under Google Advertising professionals in 2010. Now the system has been updated and improved. The criteria have also evolved. The exams consist of one initial paper and five advance papers. The mission of this department is to increase Google Adword clients and the number of Google Adword campaigns. These Google partners are then assigned work on a three-month basis. They have to maintain a target and have to engage more clients in their system. You see Google has shifted its focus on Advertising as it makes a lot of money through it.

Placement-targeted advertisements

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview by our team will tell you about the placement-targeted advertisements, Placement-targeted advertisements were previously known as Site-targeted advertisements. The site-targeted feature was launched in early 2003 by Google; this feature allowed the advertisers to use control panels of Adword to enter keywords, domain names,  topics, geographical targeting, and other details. These details are accessed by Google. Based on the entered data Google decides where to put your advertisement. The most relevant pages are shortlisted for advertisement of your ads.

Advertisers have to bid on a cost per click basis for the placement-targeted advertisement. With the help of this feature one whole add can be displayed in the entire ad block, and thus it captures a larger audience, it has a better view and can display more information. Usually, one ad block is split into two or three blocks which make those advertisements very small and limited.

Keyword Planner

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview by our team will also give you the details of Keyword planner; the keyword planner is one of the free features that is issued by Google Adwords. This tool provides data from Google’s search query and other resources for direct and specified advertising campaigns. The Google, keyword planner helps us to expand the existing advertising campaigns and also to start new campaigns. This planner helps us provide relevant keywords and ad group ideas, the statistics related to the history, the new trendy keywords, and competitions along with competitive bidding. To get access to the to the Keyword planner you have to get your first campaign started soon.


Google AdWords – A Complete Overview by our team will also tell you about an important feature that is Remarketing, remarketing is a feature offered by the Google AdWords which allows an advertiser to provide his ads to the audience who has already visited his web page before. This service  likewise enables advertisers to make the diverse gathering of people records that are  dependent on the practices of site guests with the end goal to serve pertinent promotions to the fragmented audience. Remarketing Lists for search by means of Google Analytics wound up accessible in Google AdWords toward the beginning of June 2015, taking into account the utilization of standard GA remarketing records to design customary content inquiry and  advertisements.

A more evolved form of remarketing is a dynamic marketing feature that enables the advertisers to specify the products and services they want to provide to their previous customers. This feature is used commonly by e-commerce websites. These websites offer to customize products to their viewers just like you see on Facebook; you are shown only those products by different e-commerce companies that you have been searching for.

When you are using this tool in the mainstream marketing area, you have to be very careful, as mentioned facebook advertisements. One can also feel annoyed by seeing the same stuff over and over, so Google Adwords  lay great emphasis on deep diving into frequency capping so that you don’t irritate your viewer and provide him with the stuff he wants.

Remarketing is widely used all over the world by all brands and companies.

Ad Extension

Ad extension is also one of the important features offered by the Google Ad words and our Google AdWords – A Complete Overview of Google advertisement will show you, the importance of ad extension in the digital marketing concept of Google. Ad extension is one of the features that allow other information to be displayed along with the ad; this information includes the business address, phone number, and web page links.

Ad extensions are of two types, manual and automatic. The manual ad extension includes App extensions that allow you to advertise a link along with the other information; this link will redirect the user to an application when he clicks on it, then manual Ad extension also provides call extensions that allow advertisers to provide a number along with their ad. This number when clicked will be directed to the calling application of the viewer’s phone, and he can then call that number. Location extension can also be provided with the ad extensions; this includes map location of the address. Then an advertiser can also add a review extension which means that the advertiser can add third part reviews on his ad.

Then site link extensions can be also be added; these are additional links that can be added to the other stuff that is advertised. Callout extensions allow the advertiser to add additional descriptive text. Structured snippet extensions can also be added there; these are more than two predefined brands. Price extensions can also be added which include price tags of products or services to be added along with the product. Click to message extensions are provided by advertisers to connect with viewers through SMS. Promotional extensions are also a part of manual ad extension, this allows promotional messages and offers to be added along with the product ad.

Then we have an automatic ad extension feature; these extensions are those which are added by the Google Adword itself along with the advertiser’s advertisement. This extension includes the consumer ratings; the rate is that customer rates after buying or viewing a product. Then there are seller ratings that are added automatically. These are reviews and positioning of a product as set by the advertiser or the company itself. Then automatic ad extension also adds information about the previous visits of customers. Then there are two more automatic extensions that are dynamic site link extensions and dynamically structured snippets.

Google click to call

Google click to call feature is also explained in our  Google AdWords – A Complete Overview, this feature is one of the oldest features of Google Adwords, Google discontinued these services due to some unfortunate reasons in late 2006. Google click to call service is now operational. In this feature, you are directly approached by the Google authority. Google pays for this call and you are directed to the business directly. This feature is now also used by Android and IOS devices.

Google Adword customer match

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview by our team has managed to provide information about the famous feature of Google Adwords, This feature is very much useful for advertisers. Google Adword customer match makes sure that the viewer connects with the related advertiser. These also include messaging advertisements used by the brands to their concerned and related audience.

The technology of Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an 18-year-old system; this was tested initially on the MySQL system after the experiment was successful the management team decided to use Oracle. The system ran but was too slow that it collapsed and eventually they had to move back to MySQL. Later on, as the technology developed and as the usage of Google Adwords increased the management launched a new database system known as the Relational Database management system. This is also known as F1 in Google and is specifically used for additional business. This is a powerful system which maintains the relation between the advertiser and viewer and of course googles itself.

The distribution of Google Adword system

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview will also show you the complete distribution of Google Adwords. All the ads are eligible to be shown on the search engine that is Google. Also, advertisers can allow their advertisements to be shown or the Google partner’s network system. The Google display network shows advertisements that are posted other than search engines.

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview tells you Further that, Google itself decides the subject of pages and shows pertinent promotions dependent on the publicists’ keyword records. AdSense distributors may choose channels to help guide Google’s advertisement positions on pages to build the execution of their promotion units. There is a wide range of sorts of advertisements that keep running over Google’s system including content promotions, picture or pennant advertisements, portable content advertisements, and in-page video advertisements. In February 2016, Google started expelling right-hand side promotions from AdWords on a work area for just indicating content advertisements above and underneath natural query items. Item Listing Ads and the Google Knowledge Graph were unaffected, can, in any case, show up on the right-hand side.

Account management system of Google Adwords

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview shows its readers that how Google  help clients with the hardship of building and managing AdWords accounts and profiles, search engine marketing SEM agencies and related officers offer account management services. This allowed organizations without advertising or PR expertise to reach a larger online audience. To help maintain best practices for AdWords management team, Google has implemented the Google Partner Program and the Google Qualification Program for individuals, both of which require individuals and agencies to meet the set criteria and pass the set exams, as mentioned earlier these exams are five in number one is initial exam and other four are advanced papers. Adword editor is also available for customers by Google; this is offline management software for profiles.

Cost Calculation methodology of Google Adwords

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview shows the cost calculation techniques of Google Adwords. The price of Google Adwords depends on different factors. These factors mainly include the goals of the organization. Also one of the most important things is the bidding or auction strategy of Google Adwords. The cost also depends on it. Whenever a user searches for a query, Google performs an auction just to determine the search results that are displayed by the page, and also it checks on to the ad’s position.

Legal context of Google Adwords

Every area of work includes some legalities, the Google AdWords – A Complete Overview also shows these legalities in Google Adwords. There are many types of advertisements you cannot add on Google web pages.  Not only there are restrictions made by Google, but also the website owners have limited some advertisements. These restrictions may apply because of religious reasons, age restrictions and cultural or security reasons. So one should know the legal aspects of advertising on Google. There are more than a dozen famous cases that have been rejected by Google Adwords and then legal cases have been issued on the advertisers so one should make sure not to indulge in illegal advertising.

Ad content restrictions from Google Adwords

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview gives you the detail of Ad content restriction. Google Adwords has restricted some content that cannot be advertised on any page of Google’s databased. These contents include hard alcohol and liquor. This change has been in effect since 2008 before that Google Adwords were used in a miscellaneous way and there was no proper check and balance by the authorities.

Allowed Keywords in Google Adwords

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview will tell you that Google Adwords has come under great pressure for allowing AdWords advertising customers to bid on international trademarked keywords. In early 2004, Google started allowing it’s advertisers, and Google Partner’s to bid on a large variety of search keywords and phrases in the United States of America and some parts of Canada, including international and national trademarks of those in competition with them and in late May 2008 it expanded this policy to the United Kingdom and rest of Ireland. Advertisers are restricted from using other companies’ trademarks and logos in their advertisements may they be textual or visual, if it has been registered with advertising legal team. Google requires a complete certification to run those specific regulated keywords, such as those related to pharmaceuticals and cola brands.

Prohibited keywords in Google Adwords

There are also some keywords that are not allowed at all in Google Adwords according to our Google AdWords – A Complete Overview study. These prohibited keywords include alcohol advertising keywords, abortion services, hacking services, gambling trends across the world, and other adult stuff.

Overall according to our Google AdWords – A Complete Overview, we can say that Google Adwords is a platform worth investing in, it would definitely give you feedback for your investment. Your advertisements would have a global outreach; you will be able to capture a large audience with less investment. This will surely increase your sale, on the other hand, if you are a viewer you will notice that how much you are being served from a single platform, you are asking answers for your queries from Google. And Google not just answers those queries but also gives you advertisements for different brands that you are already in search of. This is both profitable for the viewer and the advertiser and not to forget the Google partner.

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview by our team has tried our best to deliver the best and the easiest details for our readers. Reading our overview will help them understand the basic concept and working of Google Adwords. One should be well informed of it as it is a major part of digital marketing today and is one of the most money making business.

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