Education in AIOU

Education means any permanent change in behaviors that occurs due to certain factors, which act as an input of that change.Nobody can deny the importance of education and its role in the development of a personality. Education is a continuous process and never ends.
With the passage of the time need of education is increasing and new educational fields are introduced. We need proper educational systems to get the better understanding.
Nowadays, different educational systems are introduced; for example formal education, informal education, online education and distance learning education.
Allama Iqbal Open University is public research university located in Islamabad, Pakistan .The University is the fourth world’s largest institution of higher and distance learning.


AIOU is established in 1974. It is also Asian’s first open university of distance learning education. AIOU provides different kinds of learning education program in all around the country.
The school system of AIOU is mainly designed for those people, who live in the backward and rural area of the country. Where, there is no educational institute. It gives a special opportunity to women who cannot attain regular classes. In this way, hundreds and thousands of people have been illuminated their life by education.
The education system of AIOU is based on semester wise education. In the distance learning education system, the booklet has provided to students and asked them to solve the assignment within given time. According to the level of solved assignment, marks are granted to students. A particular percentage of assignment marks are included in the final result of that semester.

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There are many advantages of distance learning education. It is affordable for every student. It gives a beautiful opportunity for those students, who want to get the education but cannot afford the expenses of regular study. Students can select subject according to their taste and can appear in a program.
One of the most distinct advantages of the education system of AIOU is that every student is being evaluated at least four times in a program which is double than the regular study. The other positive point of this education is that student never needs to worry about the semester, which they can attain due to different circumstances. If a student who has completed six months and cannot continue to the second half immediately, he can take admission in a second half even after an extended period. Hence, there is no fear of being demoted in the first half again.

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Every education system has its own positive as well as negative aspects. It is up to need and nature of the objectives of the particular study. Some goals demand regular study and other objectives are achieved in the better way using informal education process.
In fact, AIOU is offering a different way of education in all over the country. This is good to improve the literacy rate in the country. In this way, play a vital role in the progress of the country. The system of distance learning education system of AIOU is very popular now a day, and there is no doubt the effectiveness of this system

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