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  • Today  there are so many way to earn money online but in this easy article you will know how to earn money bitcoins and almost as a many way to earn bitcoins but this way to learn very easy way to earn  bitcoins. Just stop thinking about something different to get money online here I am going to explain you how to usually earn bitcoins.​

  • Every day bitcoins (crypto currency) gets more popularity and in the forex market or trader for benefit and great deal just jumped in to earn bitcoins investing large chunks of their lifesaving in this process .
  • Now before we are starting here some tips to get free bitcoin or earn bitcoins there is no good way to get wealth without working but in cryptocurrency earn bitcoins it is possible to the other currencies and in futures ​bitcoins​it is a clever currency to make profit  for the Competition  to other currencies.

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Now there is some question how to earn bitcoins? And how do I get bitcoins?

In the below video tutorial I explained about introduction of  bitcoins in Urdu and Hindi.​
​We are offering best website to earn bitcoins to achieve easy tasks and earn satoshi (satoshi is smaller than Bitcoins for example:1$ and smaller 0.1 cents for more explanation watch below video tutorials pick your choice and start earning.​

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First you have to create an account in bettrex for a withdraw money bettrex is a wallets you can collect money from the different way ​​or different websites to earn bitcoins website, ​​​trading, play games to get free satoshi and in the below video tutorials in  Urdu and Hindi full training how to create bettrex account and how to get free earning via using some tips highlighted in the video tutorial. ​

​Below is some website to earn bitcoins.
This website you can earn bitcoins to slove captucha and visit the ads this site you will earn bitcoins in one hours 900 to 999 and when you reach in 33000 bitcoins than you will withdraw the bitcoins in to your wallet for practically training in the below urdu and hindi video tutorials.

Below is some website to earn Bitcoins

Earn Dogecoin
in this site you can earn per hour 10.29 Doge coin 10,000 Doge coin 1USD$ easy way to you can earn dogecoin on this website for more information watch video tutorial in urdu and hindi if you like it share with your friends thanks

Earn Bitcoins with BtcClicks
The most of popular website to pay bitcoins is btccliks this website you can earn by views ads 5,10,15 seconds only any minimum payment 0.0001 BTC only and for each ads you can earn 1500 satoshi. How to earn bitcoins with BTCclicks for more info watch below video tutorial in urdu and hindi.

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Earn Bitcoins with coinHD
Easy way to earn bitcoins via watching video on youtube juts hit the uplink and singup start earning for full details below video tutorial any question please comment me.

In the below video tutorials and in this articles read full article and watch full video tutorials all fully described first hit this links XAPO wallet and singup in this wallet also install this wallet in your mobile then hit below 05 links of games and install in your and use the same e mail id which one you use in your XAPO wallet and play the games to start earn bitcoins thanks

1. Wheel of vitcoins
2. Bitcoin wonder
3. Spacebitcoins
4. Steamcoin
5. Coinpirates

Have Nice Earn Bitcoins Day!!!!


  1. Assalam o Alaikum
    Kia “Wheel of vitcoins” Android Phone (not iphone) may install hosakti hey? agr hosakti hey to plz google play ka link send kro.

    Does “Wheel of vitcoins” install in Android Phone except iphone? if could Install plz send the GooglePlay link.
    Laiq Raza

  2. Year muj bitcoins k withdraw ka ni pat chal raha plzz help me k kasa kirna ha withdraw sarwar ahamd bhai ya Mara IMO nb ha plzz help me

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