customising Blogger templates

I will be honorable with you design a complete blog template isn’t an easily task. It certainly is not a quick one.
Throughout the whole Blogger template designing serial publication video tutorials I’ll take you stepwise through the full action I apply when design a Blogger template, from the initial projects and conditions right through to the final exam plucks which will make the template your possess.
All, I opine this series will get quite an long, so as a taste of what is to come in, I am bidding you A cheatings’ guide on to customizing Blogger templates some quickly hints which can help you translate your blog watch below full video recording tutorials in Urdu and Hindi languages.

custumising blogger theme full detials in urdu
In custom blogger template I am going to describe each part of template start header to END footer you can easily change CSS, HTML, XML and JAVASCRIPT’S by self lets watch below video about blogger custom template header bar how to adjust height and Wight in header area of templates.

How to adjust header banner in custom blogger template which suggest by your recommending banner space on the top of header or with the title bar watch below video tutorial in Urdu how to adjust banner or how to add banner in blogger custom templates.

Blogger custom template (navigation bar) menu bar and drop down menu.
How to customizing menu bar in blogger template for easy to visitor click on different links or different categories.
In custom blogger template you can increase by self more links or button and add more drop down menu.
In blogger template you can change slider and if you want to add more slides set pictures and links by you watch video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi languages.

How to change in custom theme slider?
You are able to edit in your blogger custom templates to change slider links and images view blogger like good with slider watch below full video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi. Click here to watch All in one SEO

How to change blogger templates post body or post page body?
In customizing templates you are able to changing post body of your blogger for looking your post better for seo and attractive visitor. When we publish any post in our blogger page it, s showing on the first page of blogger because its blogger not a website. In blogger first page you have access to adjust how many post show on my blogger first page. Also visit: jobs
• You can change main page options and number of posts to view on you first page.
• You can add or remove read more option or insert image also.
• You change date or time option and posted name.
• You can change comments limits and link with post.
• You can change label, quick editing, social button and locations.
Watch below video blogger custom template edit post body in Urdu and Hindi.

How to adjust blogger layout in blogger custom template?

Blogger custom template you are able to adjust blogger layout add banner on the top of header via using layout.
You are able to change favicon of blogger layout. Also Visit: protector
Side bar adjust as you need also add html and java script any type of banner or editing make your blogger beautiful to add more gadget using coding or by default.
You can add crosscol in your blogger layout and blogger layout footer area you have three type of banner or you can add links related articles for more details watch below video in Urdu and Hindi video tutorial.

For better seo in blogger you have to change post time and date changed for Google reboots able to visit our blog by date and show data to visitor what he want for more info watch below video.

How to change blogger social media links in blogger custom theme watch below video step by step practically training in Urdu and Hindi.

Blogger footer and side bar
You can add in blogger footer area by self banner and gadget and you can change blogger footer name by self for more info watch video and this is last video for blogger custom templates.

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