Curriculum in Pakistan

Curriculum means a set of subjects that taught in educational institutes in a particular time of period. It includes extra-curriculum activities and excludes racism and discrimination. The objectives of curriculum are provides a quality contents that fulfill the needs of society and students.

Pakistan is the 6th largest country of the world in term of population. It is Islamic republic country. Literacy rate of Pakistan is 60%. Federal ministry of education and provisional government are responsible for the cohesion, evaluation and preservation of the ideological foundation of in every state.

In Pakistan, curriculum, syllabus, planning, policy and education standard are developed by Federal Ministry of education. However, provinces also have their own authorities for curriculum development.

In Punjab, Punjab Curriculum Authority (PCA) is responsible to develop standardized curriculum for province. According to Punjab Curriculum Authority act (XLIX) 2012, the Curriculum Authority is responsible for the supervision of curricula, textbooks and maintenance of standards of education in Punjab, to regulate the supplementary materials and to deals with ancillary materials.

  • Bureau of Curriculum and Extension Wing (BCEW) is responsible to develop curriculum for Sind province.
  • In KP, curriculum is developed by the Directorate of Curriculum and Teacher Education (CTE). This authority is responsible to prepare a quality and standardized curriculum for government educational institutes.
  • There is still no particular authority to develop a curriculum in Baluchistan. For this reason education system is worst in this province.
  • For other territories of Pakistan e.g. Fata, Fana, INICT, and Azad Jammu Kashmir, curriculum wing is responsible to develop a curriculum.

There are two main textbooks boards are working in Pakistan;

  • Punjab textbook board
  • National book foundation

According to Punjab curriculum and Textbook Boards, act ( VI ) 2015, it is easy to make arrangement for the formulation and implementation of curricula; development and approval of textbooks, manuscripts and supplementary reading materials reading to textbooks , production of reference and research materials in respect of problems relating to the schemes of studies and prepation of textbooks and such others conduct of research in the fields of curricula, textbooks and other reading materials;  and to  provide for ancillary materials.

National Book Foundation has been established in 1972 which purpose is to publish quality books at low price. Its head office is situated in Islamabad and regional office in each province of country. According to National book foundation act (XIX) 1972, it is expedient to provide for the establishment of a foundation for making books available at moderate price, and for matters ancillary thereto.

There are number of various curriculum are taught in Pakistan beside National book Foundation and Punjab Textbook board. In private sectors schools are mostly follow the Oxford books and syllabus. For higher education there is still not to develop any particular curriculum in Pakistan. In science, commerce, information technology and other higher level education, institutes recommends foreign curriculum which are not suitable to students.

In briefly, it may say, curriculum in Pakistan still needs much improvement and consideration.

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