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Corel Draw is one of the most popular vector illustration programs in the world. It was created by Corel Corporation in 1989. In case you are wondering what Corel means this is actually an abbreviation of the words Cowplan Research Laboratory. This graphic and image processing and editing software was originally designed for Windows OS, but it is not available on other OS too.

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With the help of this program, people can work with sophisticated curved lines and objects in order to produce unique artistic effects. In addition, many people Corel Draw is used for creation of logos and other similar graphic solutions that contain text and more.

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There are many people who are asking what they can do with Corel Draw? It is good to point out that there is no universal answer to this question because it all depends on your abilities and goals. What is known for sure is that Corel Draw can be quite useful when it comes to creation of complex drawings, attractive banners, trademarks, logos, charts, diagrams, pictograms, complex and long text documents, high quality drawings photorealistic images and much more. For many years, Corel Draw was the program that was a must-have tool for graphic design. Today, this is still a very important program used by expert graphic designers. You can easily find many guidebooks and resources that can help you learn more about this unique program that has dozens of useful features. We have mentioned some of the uses of this program, but we will now highlight the most important ones.

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To start with, Corel Draw can help people make dimension lines without hassles. This is an easily-adjustable app that is able to help any person make complex, high-quality drawing that contain numerous details and layers. If you want to be sure that the drawing is precise and workable you should add dimensions lines. When you make corrections the dimensions lines will correct automatically which makes this task much easier.

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Furthermore, Corel Draw helps people add multidimensional and fullness effects on every drawing thanks to the mesh tool. The mesh tool is constantly upgraded and every version of Corel Draw seems to have more refined mesh tool. So, by using the mesh tool you can modify the colors and shades on any objects which make the drawing more realistic and attractive.

As we have already mentioned, many designers use Corel Draw to create unique logos. Users can easily select the right form they want and start coloring these forms. In addition, they can also add symbols, marks and letters and spice up things with the special effects found on Corel Draw.
The best part is that you can work on imported design pieces from other programs like AutoCAD for example. In this way, designers can use Corel Draw to “beautify” and enhance the appearance of their work by using numerous fine features available in every version of Corel Draw.

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Using Corel Draw is not difficult and any person with interest in graphic design should be able to master it in a relatively short period of time.

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