Computer is amazing invention of modern technology. It is very important for development of country and also very useful for education. Computer literacy means, ability to use of basic hardware, software and internet. Lexically, computer literacy means basic, non-technical knowledge about computer and how to use them. Computer literacy is different from computer programming, which is designed and coding of computer program rather than familiarity and skill in their use.


Some of the important skills of computer are given below; which are necessary elements or computer literacy.
Word Processing: it is most important aspects of computer. And it is also one the oldest uses of computer. Word processing is used to type many documents and email. Basic functions of word processing are; spell check, table creation and working with header. These are more important for computer literacy.

Spreadsheet: it is also known as worksheet. It is very useful function of computer. It stores much information. Best example of spreadsheet is Microsoft Excel. It is very useful tool for analyzing, evaluating, and storing the data and information. For computer literacy, knowledge of spreadsheet is necessary.

Browsing: search engine like google, yahoo, Mozilla fire fox and etc are vary informative tools of internet .These are used to search information and mailing. To operate these engines, we need some skill and techniques. For example, opening link in new window, clearing browsing history and understanding common errors.
Virus: most of typical computer automatically secured. So there is no need of any maintains. But with the passage of time, computer security risk is increase. Different virus e.g. nasty bugs, spyware and other malicious application are invented that are harmful for computer programs. Knowledge of scanning tools is very important for computer. It is also very important for computer literacy.

Keyboard commands:
keyboard consists of many commands. Write use of keyboard is very necessary to get maximum benefits. There are short cut methods like copy; past, save, cut and many other are present on keyboard. The knowledge of these commands is necessary for computer literacy.

Simple Network Diagnosis: Often network problems create trouble in computer. So knowledge about solution of network problem helps to remove them.

Security: Everyone should be knew how to protect and secure his- her computer from attackers on internet and keep the personal details save. Now a day, hikers steal information from computer. So basic concept about security is necessary element of computer literacy.

Develop countries have a high rate or Computer literacy. Computer literacy consider to be very important skill in develop country. These countries are more depending of technologies. Computer are very commonly use at there. Due to high rate of computer literacy these countries are very prosperous.

The literacy rate of computer in under development country is very low. There are few institutes of computer training in under develop country. So they have shortest of skill. Majority of people are completely unaware about computer.
In briefly it may be said, computer literacy is very important for development of country.

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