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Chance The Rapper Net Worth

Chance The Rapper Net Worth

Net Worth:$25 Million
Born:April 16, 1993
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Rapper
Last Updated:2019

Who is Chance the Rapper?

Chance the Rapper is a young rapper of this millennium and well known for his quick raps and stunning performances all around the world. We all should be paying attention. Now we’re bringing you a few things you didn’t know about Chance the Rapper.

Biography: What is the Horoscope of Chance the Rapper?

His Zodiac sign is Aries.


Chance the Rapper is the son of Ken Williams-Bennett who was an aide to the late Chicago mayor Harold Washington and then-Senator Barack Obama. His mother’s name is Lisa Bennett. She worked for the Illinois Attorney General.


Chance the Rapper has a younger brother whose name is  Taylor Bennett. Both brothers are a famous rapper.

Career Beginning

The year 2016 may not have been the greatest year for many 23-year-old Chancellor Bennett Chance the rapper may have thought otherwise it’s their project album coloring Book Drops soaring up the charts and giving him the recognition. He finally deserved and he even scored himself not one. But seven Grammy nominees your people surprisingly enough.

Chance made all this possible without even being signed to a record label. But it’s not because he didn’t have offers since arriving on the music scene. Chance has chosen to remain independent and turned down several record deals including propositions from TDE, Kendrick Lamar’s label, and Kanye’s good music. But not having the support of major record label hasn’t held Chance back.

One bit he proved that he was here to stay when he became the first independent artist across any music genre to perform on SNL. If you think that chance might change his mind and go corporate anytime soon maybe his Grammy-nominated song no problem will silence the labels. It’s going to be some drag on that note Chance doesn’t sell any of his music with three mixtapes and no albums under his belt.

LifeStyle of Chance

His music is strictly dedicated to the fans that simply enjoy his music. So where does this whole money-making thing come in touring and selling merchandise? In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon Chan stated that as the music rose to try to fit into a single four-cell album is becoming a thing of the past lucky for us.

Chance loves being able to make his music available to this man and says giving his music away for free gives him more space to just create and release cool stuff. He’s obviously on to something as he made history last year for having the first dreaming only album to chart on Billboard better.

Yet he’s a Grammy nominee for Best Rap Album and the kid has technically never even released an album. All three of its projects 10-day acid rap and Coloring books are all considered mixtapes and thankfully the Grammys changed their policy. So streaming-only music could also be nominated.

So basically Chance the rapper is breaking all the traditional roles of the music industry and we’re 100% here for it. You don’t sell your music.

Chance The Rapper with kanye west

You don’t you know you can how do you make money Hanson’s backup band for his live performances are not just any background musicians. There’s one person who’s always believed in Chance since day one it’s Kanye West. Imagine being in the fifth grade and buying your first CD Kanye West’s college dropouts. Now fast-forward about 12 years and imagine being featured on Kanye’s album sounds crazy.

But that’s actually Chance the rapper‘s realized Chance credits Kanye as one of his biggest musical influences growing up. And last year the two Chicagoans teamed up for a club on Kanye’s life of Pablo album in fact.

Awards and Success Stories

Kanye actually delayed the release of his entire project to finish recording a song that Chance insisted to make on his album at the 2015 BMA’s. He also gave chance a shout-out during his speech calling Chance the future and his reaction was priceless than in front of the future Chance the rapper.

But Kanye isn’t the only big-league fan of Chance. He and former President Barack Obama go way back. Chance’s father used to work for the Obama administration and when Chance was 13 years old, he visited the White House with his family and remembers telling President Obama that he was a rapper.

Chance The Rapper

Throughout Obama’s presidency chance was invited back to the White House on several occasions including the state dinner where epic dance battles are rumored to take place, Chance told reporters that he is leading President Obama in an ongoing dance battle that they have going on.


But we love to hear what Obama would have to say about that dance doesn’t just get his raw talent from anywhere. Apparently, rap runs in the family his younger brother Taylor Bennett seems to be following in his footsteps. In pursuit of a career as an independent rapper to say the two artists are similar is an understatement as the resemblance is almost uncanny not only do they look alike.

But they sound alike too and I’m only getting Odin on the bang Digga shoulders get as modern our summer art circle when it’s positive summers just have another daydream shopping in homage to 100 of the windows. He was careful to the handle in spite of chances undeniable influence on Taylor’s music.

What is Chance The Rapper Net Worth?

American Hip- Hop star Chance the Rapper Net Worth of 25 million US dollars. After Eminem, Kanye West this boy is shining like a star. The 21-year-old also owns his own record label and has been steadily booking shows and building a fan base of his own.

We’re seeing double and we’re not an all mad about it. Chance may be taking over the rap industry but he has yet another full-time job that keeps him much busier. His longtime girlfriend Kristen Corley recently became the parent of a beautiful little girl named Hensley. In the last few weeks, Chance recently began sharing pics videos and even parenting tips with his fans on Instagram and Twitter.

A daddy-daughter day and we flee it. One piece he demonstrated that he was digging in for the long haul when he turned into the primary free craftsman over any music sort to perform on SNL. It will be some delay that notes chance doesn’t move any of his music with three mixtapes and no collections added to his fame.

Video Credit: Lifestyle Express

Chance the Rapper Social Media Activities

Chance the Rapper is one of the most popular celebrities of social media and has millions of fans worldwide. He joined Twitter on August 2010 and has 8 million followers and tweeted nearly 44k times. Chance is a star and got 2 million Facebook fans.

On Instagram, his popularity is even better and 9.4 million fans follow him.

Chance has also account available on YouTube, Deezer and Sound Cloud. On Sound Cloud, he got nearly 2 million fans. On his official website chanceraps.com, he linked some of his podcasts and music tracks of his albums.



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