Blogger VS Word Press

Blogger and word press provide free blogging online to start your career online. Both are looking good providing free templates and themes.
Blog and word press also providing free hosting and blog provide widget and word press providing free plugging and these two online plate form are professional for blog google give rank and first priority to introduce plate form but word press is self hosted plate form rock-solid choice.

When I start my career on blogging it’s a good plate form free hosting free theme and template free widget easy way to mange blog and template and you are able to adjust very easy blogger theme layout as I already uploaded video courses on YouTube about custom blogger responsive templates and then I transfer self hosted word press plate form if your career long run with the blogging than I suggested word press plate form if you’re not familiar with word press plate form or dashboard, C panel than visit my channel on YouTube word press full SEO training in Urdu and Hindi Video tutorials and also visit this post word press how to installing self hosted account on word press .
Blogger plate platform is easy to manage and start work but the main problem is blogger platform is owned by Google and Google can delete your blog without warning or without any notice or information.
The main thing I am going to describe for SEO simple words mean optimizing your blog for SEO to getting traffic from the Google but blogger have limited certain option for seo setting but the word press offers more option to optimized your word press blog for the seo for SEO in word I posted in my blog all in one seo with the video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi language.

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