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In the article, I will give you the information about blogger app with the video tutorial, and you can also learn. How to use the blogger app on this mobile, and you have access to this blogger app to do the reading, adding, editing, and deleting option in your smartphone the blogger app making easier for everyone to use it for blogging. Download the latest blogger apps to in your Android smartphone and install than create an account and start blogging easy to compose the post and save it in the draft folder or if you want to publish directly you have access after posting to edit existing post.

Blogger app using easy for all to add labels in your post also add location information in your post.
Blogger app also free for everyone who is using blogger plate form you can also select the blogger theme and upload by using the Android smartphone you can create editing by self in HTML. In the blogger app, you have access blogger dashboard you can see the overview page views you have access to posts a new post add the new page you can change the comment option also avoid the spam comment and approve the good comment by using the blogger app on your Android smartphone.

In the blogger app mobile dashboard you click the stats to overview the posts entry per page views and traffic sources entry per page view.Also, you can manage to track your page views you can also view tracking audience by page views countries browsers by the operating system. In Blogger app, you have access to submit the application to google AdSense and google ad word to run the ads on your blogger OR run the ads on the other blogger you can see you’re earning status and campaigns status.

Blogger App Layout

The most of important part in blogger is layout in the layout you can the change favicon, header blogger post, sidebar tab, and footer area also you can add free gadget which one provided by a blogger you can also add any HTML code and ads by offering by the publisher which one you are using. In the blogger, gadget hit the add a gadget and chose the device which one you want to create entirely practically explain in the blogger video tutorials in Urdu and hand any question submit in the comments box. Free blogger gadget is AdSense, featured post, HTML/Javascript, your profile blog archive, page header,image,labels,pages,link list, text, favorite post, search box, blog’s stats, video bar,blog list, follow by email, feed,slideshow,logo,poll,subscription link,google plus button,translate,list,Google plus followers, google plus badge and attribution for more you can search in google.
In the Blogger app, you can upload the new responsive templates mobile user-familiar themes you can also able to edit in HTML.

Blogger App Settings.

In your mobile go to you blogger dashboard hit the settings button via your cell phone using the blogger app you can write basic setting title of your blogger and description of your blogger privacy and address of your blogger for more details in the video tutorial blogger playlist setting the second option is posts, comments, and sharing which one you have access to do the changes the third option is email change here you can add the mail where you can receive the notice and comments the more option is in the setting language formatting, search preferences and other the search preferences I the most import settings regarding the SEO for your blogger the question is how we can do the setting answer is just hit our YouTube channel blogger playlist and watch the full detail with the practical work.

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